Tristan involved in planning for the 2021 Joint Ministerial Council

UKOT Political Council plans for crucial gatherings

Report from Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy

The close of 2021 is expected to bring two big meetings in the UK that will be of major importance to the UK Overseas Territories. On May 27th, the OTs began to lay plans for them.

I deputised for Chief Islander James Glass at an online session of the Political Council, made up of elected leaders of all the inhabited OTs. I presented James's apologies for absence due to the very limited internet access on Gough Island, where his role as Director of Fisheries has taken him to work on the restoration project aimed at eliminating predatory invasive mice.

In the four-image screenshot are (clockwise): Chris Carnegy;
Bermuda's Premier David Burt who chaired the Council meeting;
Montserrat representative Janice Panton; Falklands legislator MLA Teslyn Barkman

A key part of the Council's business was to set OTs' priorities for the Joint Ministerial Council, scheduled to take place in London during November. The relationship between London and its Territories, and conservation of precious OT environments, look set to be key agenda items when OT politicians meet UK ministers.

The leaders also looked ahead to the big climate-change conference planned for Glasgow just before the JMC. Territories are on the front line of this issue, exposed to extreme weather events and the effects of ocean warming, so we hope to play a full part at the event.

I conveyed specific messages from James about funding for development and conservation, and cast Tristan's vote in solidarity with fellow OTs.

The meeting marked the start of a countdown to November, and I'll represent Tristan da Cunha at the detailed planning sessions between now and then.


The flag of Tristan da Cunha