Acting Chief Islander Rodney Green meets with Lord Tariq Ahmad

Video conference with UK OT Minister on environmental matters

Report and images from Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy

Rodney Green at a desk on Tristan da Cunha

Councillor Rodney Green, in his role as Acting Chief Islander, met with the UK minister for Overseas Territories as part of a video conference of Territory environment leaders on 2nd June 2021.

Lord Tariq Ahmad

Lord Tariq Ahmad convened the meeting to hear about the OTs' plans and priorities in advance of the big climate-change conference the UK plans to host in Glasgow during November.

Rodney, who is deputising for James Glass while the Chief Islander is undertaking conservation work on Gough Island, made an intervention that addressed Tristan's exposure to climate change, and its determination to make progress in reducing carbon emissions and developing its ambitious ocean-protection plans.