Sean Burns returns for a record third term

Change of Tristan da Cunha Administrator

Announcement from the Governor's Office on St Helena, 8th November 2022

The flag of the Tristan da Cunha Administrator

Jason Ivory, and his wife Sue, have departed Tristan da Cunha and are returning to the UK for personal reasons.

The Governor, Nigel Phillips CBE, hopes to appoint a substantive successor in the coming months. In the meantime Sean Burns, who was due to retire, has been asked by the Governor to fill the gap. Sean and his wife Marina will arrive at Tristan towards the end of the month.

Sean was formerly the Administrator on Tristan from 2010-2013 and again from 2016-2020. Sean was previously head of the Governor's Office on St Helena from 2013-2016, and served as the Administrator on Ascension from 2020 until last week.

In the meantime, Chief Islander James Glass has been appointed Acting Administrator, a role he has filled numerous times over the years. On the appointment, Governor Nigel Phillips said:

"I'd like to thank Jason and Sue for what they had achieved in their time on the island. I'm grateful to Sean for taking up this position at such short notice.  I know from his previous experience that he will work with the Chief Islander, James, and the administration to bring stability to the community as we look to find a substantive replacement for the Administrator role."

On his appointment, Administrator Designate Sean Burns said:

"I am very honoured to have been asked by the Governor to take up the role of Administrator on Tristan da Cunha once again. Both Marina and I look forward to travelling at the end of the month and serving the community until a substantive Administrator can be appointed."