Tristan VE Day and 75th Anniversary Commemorations

VE Day 75

VE Day 75th : Friday 8th May 2020
Photos from 1945 and 2020

VE Day Images from Tristan da Cunha featuring celebrations on 8th May 1945 provided by Janet Toseland from her father Charles Toseland who served as a Royal Navy wireless telegrapher in the secret listening base located on Tristan between 1942 and 1945, first called 'Job 9' and then HMS Atlantic Isle.

See the full article and more photos in the February 2020 Tristan Newsletter.

VE Day parade led by the island's only tractor with decorated trailer

The Thespians Victory Concert held
in the Naval Station Hall

The old station buildings are also seen
behind the procession right.

The famous Tristan Defence Volunteers on parade in front of the station to mark the end of hostilies and welcome peace.

The full HMS Atlantic Isle Company with Rev Lawrence and Lieutenant Commander Corfield directly below the flagpole. Charles Toseland is standing 4th from the right.

The Tristan da Cunha Flag
flying at the island
on 8th May 2020
on what was a normal working day.

Photo: Fiona Kilpatrick

Nevertheless, Tristan Association
members 'flew the flay'
for VE Day 75 in England
and below are those photos
sent so far.

Above: Tristan flag adorns the front of
Tristan Government UK Representative's
Salisbury home

Celebrations in Norfolk:

Above: Ann and Alan Ashworth fly the Tristan flag
above their summer house

Right: Bunting and their Tristan registration plate
on their home

Below: Ann and Alan
with a VE 75 cake - Cheers!

Tristan flag on the garage door of Ken and Fran Rogers' home on the Isle of Man

Richard and Margaret Grundy send all their Tristan and Association friends cheers for peace
and hope others marked VE day lockdown with a toast.
Their son John took the photo from their home in Glastonbury looking towards the Tor.