St Mary's School presented their Christmas Show to family and friends on Monday 13th December 2021.

School's Christmas Show 2021

Report and photos from Kelly Swain and Shirley Squibb

The 2021 St Mary's School Christmas Show was held on Monday 13th December. The show opened with a School carol after which "Penguin's Attention" was performed by class 1 and play group. Then it was the main show, called "Rocky Rockhopper Copper Robbery", a fantastic show about Rocky the Rockhopper copper catching some naughty teens trying to steal penguin eggs. After the main show, there was still lots of performances including "Shake your sillies out", "Jerusalema" and a surprise "Celebrity get me out of here" dance done by the class 4 & 5 boys in bikinis and grass skirts! This had the audience roaring with laughter. Finally, the carol "We wish you a Merry Christmas" was sung before Admin Steve gave a lovely speech thanking all students and staff for all their hard work on putting on such a wonderful show. Everyone then stood to sing the national anthem.

School Carol

The show's opening carol.

Penguins Attention

"Penguin's Attention", performed by class 1 and play group.

The main show, "Rocky the Rockhopper Copper"

Hatching a plot
Children on Nightingale Island On Nightingale
Police intvestigation Nabbed by the police
Handling penguin eggs as night

In the absence of captions, we invite people who did not attend the show to work out the plot of this crime thriller from the picture sequence!

Shake Your Sillies Out

"Shake Your Sillies Out"

Jerusalema Challenge

"Jerusalema Challenge"

Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

The surprise "Celebrity get me out of here" dance by the class 4 & 5 boys!


The final carol.