The delayed annual Sheep Shearing Day was held on 14th January 2017.

Event News

Sheep Shearing Day, January 2017

Report and photos from Tina Glass

Catching the sheep

Catching the ram

Shearing the sheep

The annual Sheep Shearing day was held on Saturday 14th January 2017. Usually this event is held before Christmas but due to off loading the two ships MV Glory and the Baltic Trader it was postponed.

It was a nice day and very humid. The majority of the community was at the sheep pen for the day. The children really enjoy this day and eagerly ran around the pen with their crooks busy catching the lambs. At around midday everyone came home and got together in their groups to enjoy braais and cooked meals, and afterwards visit friends.

Sue, the vet, shearing a sheep

Ladies collecting wool ready for carding

Wool ready for carding

Sheared sheep

Majority of community at the pen