Life on Tristan da Cunha is very family orientated, and many activities involve the whole community. The Tristan da Cunha Association connects the Tristan community in the rest of the world.
Families are at the heart of Tristan's community of islanders. In our family news section you will find details of recent births and christenings, marriages and deaths, as well as significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries. There is also news of islanders currently living abroad.
An Island Wedding

Old Year's Night
There are a number of holidays and events in the year that are marked by the Tristan community as a whole. Many of these occur during the Christmas and New Year period, which is Tristan's main summer holiday, and features the island's unique 'Okalolies' on Old Year's Night. Other events include Queen's Day, which is Tristan's village fête, and Ratting Day, when teams of men compete to rid the island of its troublesome rats.
The Tristan da Cunha Association supports the Tristan community in the wider world, bringing together people with personal links to the island, such as former expatriate officials and workers, and people interested in the island, the islanders, its stamps and wildlife. It publishes the Tristan da Cunha Newsletter twice yearly, holds Annual Gatherings in the UK, and runs an Educational Trust Fund for island students.