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See also Family News 2005-7 ; Family News 2008-9; Family News 2010; Family News 2011 for archive Tristan Family News There are currently 261 resident Tristan da Cunha Islanders.

As with all populations, changes are due to births, deaths and also migration. Recently an additional returning Islander qualified (after two years) for full resident status and it is expected that four others in the same position will be added to the total in 2013. The latest addition is Marion Collins (nee Hagan) so officially the island now hosts eight surnames (if recently adopted double-barrelled combinations of existing surnames are ignored).

Marion Collins early 50th birthday celebration

Report and pictures from Tina Glass

Marion's birthday is on the 4th November but she celebrated it on 22nd September as she had friends leaving to go overseas.

Marion with her Godparents: Left to Right:
Gladys Lavarello, Marion Collins, Sylvia Green, Daphne Repetto, and Piers Hagan
Marion with her father and mother Donald and Joyce Hagan
Marion and daughter Anne Marie Collins

Connor Patrick Glass-Green Completes his Baptismal Rite and Celebrates his 1st Birthday

Report and pictures from James Glass

Rodney and Sarah with baby Connor, Monsignor Michael McPartland and all his sponsors in St Joseph Catholic Church. Above: Connor's Christening and 1st Birthday cake (joint celebration).
Left: Rodney and Sarah with baby Connor and Monsignor Michael McPartland in St Joseph Catholic Church

Sunday 16th September 2012 was a joyful day for the parents, family and friends of Connor. Connor was baptised, by Mrs Anne Green, on the 29th September 2011 in the belief that the baby was “in danger of death”.

During the public mass at St Joseph's Catholic Church at 9am, the Baptismal Rites were completed by Mgr Michael McPartland SMA, the Apostolic Prefect of the Falkland Islands and Tristan da Cunha. This was followed by a reception in the Prince Philip Hall for the whole island. It had been a roller-coaster year for the parents, who were overwhelmed by the support of the community.

A message of thanks which was read at the reception follows:

As you all know, Connor was born with complications a year ago on the 13th September. He stopped breathing on a number of occasions, and on the 29 th September, the family were called to the hospital, where we were told that he should be baptised, as it was hardly likely that he would survive the night.

He was baptised, and spent two nights in the operating theatre, before returning to the ward. Where his condition was up and down after his feeding tube was removed. Again on the 27 th Oct the family were called to the hospital and where told that there was nothing else that could be done, and even if the feeding tube was replaced, we may only be prolonging the inevitable.

But the family were adamant that if he had 1% of a chance, that he should be given it, the tube was replace and he spend 77 days in hospital, 94 days before he was able to travel with a doctor to receive medical treatment in Cape Town, where he spent the last nine months, being treated at the Red Cross Children's Hospital.

Left to Right:
Great Grandfather Harold,
Great Grandmother Amy holding Connor with parents Rodney and Sarah.
Sarah with baby Connor, Grandfather James, Grandmother Felicity, Sarah's brother Norman, and Connor's brother Kieran in the front. Left to Right Grandfather Richard, Rodney, Sarah with baby Connor and Grandmother Francesca

So we are extremely grateful for all the support that was given to us, and the decisions made. To Sean the Administrator, The Island Council, the Heads of Departments who gave up 7.5% of their annual budget towards the medical budget, and although not all was spent on Connor, we are acutely aware his medical costs were high.

To CEO Kobus, who handled a lot of the arrangements, who was always sympathetic, your contribution to the island as a whole, is acknowledged. To doctors (despite conflicting results) the nurses and the community, whether it was financially, someone's time at the hospital, or words of encouragement, it all helped us through a very stressful year.

And for those in Cape Town, those staying in the Tristan House at the time we were there, Joy Eugene, Shelly, Shirley and many others, thank you.

And although Connor is not out of the woods yet, we can thank God that he has come a long way, and long may his health continue to improve. Where there's Faith there's Hope. After all, Tristan's motto is “Our Faith is our strength” . So let's celebrate his well being.

Thank You
Rodney and Sarah

Double September Birthday Celebration

Ethan Lavarello-Green's 1st Birthday & his grandmother Maureen Green's 60th Birthday
were celebrated together on 1st September.

Photos from Emma Swain show; Left: Ethan's birthday cake made by his mum Poppy Lavarello.
Centre: Ethan's grandmothers Linda Lavarello & Maureen & grandfather Terence Green,
mum Poppy Lavarello holding Ethan and dad Donny Green.
Right: Maureen's cake

Obituary for Dorothy Rogers

We regret to announce the death of Dorothy Margaret Rogers on 10th August 2012 aged 88.

Dorothy was born on the 23th October 1923 to parents Charles Henry Green and Emma Matilda Hagan and was one of six children. She was married to Reginald Rogers who died in 2000.

On 4th August Dorothy had a fall and was admitted to Camogli Hospital. She was discharged two days later, but was clearly not well and she died on Friday 10th August. Her funeral was held in St Joseph's Catholic Church the following day at 1pm.

Dorothy was a devoted Catholic and a mother of a large family. There was nothing she loved more than being surrounded by her children and their families. She was fortunate, in that she was also greatly loved by all of them.

Whenever visitors called Dorothy would always greeted them with a smile and loved to share a joke. As family and friends mourn her passing, they also give thanks for her life and the way in which she enriched the lives of others.

She is survived by her sister Ida, by her ten children, (two of whom are resident in the UK, where they stayed after being evacuated following the 1961 volcanic eruption), 17 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 3 great-great-grandchildren.

Marlene's 60th Birthday Celebrated on 27th July 2012

Photos from daughter Dawn Repetto

Back Left to Right - Dawn Repetto,
Larry Swain, Allan Swain, Kelly Swain
& Robin Repetto
Centre Left To Right - Jade Repetto, Marlene Swain, Tracy Swain
Front - Amber Repetto & Shannon Swain
Marlene Mum and Grandchildren
with Marlene and husband Allan
Left to Right - Jade Repetto, Isobel Swain, Marlene Swain, Kelly Swain
Front - Amber Repetto & Shannon Swain
Back : Allan Swain
Marlene with her brothers:
Left to Right - Dougie Swain, Marlene Swain, Mark Swain & Stan Swain
(Absent is Julian Swain who lives
in Cape Town.

Repetto Brothers Celebrate 21st and 18th Birthdays with a Joint Party

On Friday 15th June Clifton and Julian Repetto held a joint celebration for their 21st and 18th Birthdays. Clifton was 21 on 2nd May and Julian on 17th February. Due to Julian going off to Nightingale on conservation work the birthdays were celebrated later.
Clifton and Julian

Photos and Report
from Tina Glass

All Four Repetto Brothers:
Riaan, Clifton, Jonathan, and Julian
Julian with his God-Parents
Left to Right:
Dougie Swain, Karl Hagan, Julian, Marion, Collins, Marie Repetto, Geraldine Repetto.
Absent were Renee Green, Gerry
Repetto, Julian & Charmaine Swain,
and Shirley Squibb.
Clifton and Julian
with their parents Gary and Rita
and brother Riaan
Clifton with his God-Parents
Left to Right:
Jackie Lavarello, Jack Green, Clifton,
Duncan Lavarello, Larry Swain, Tina Glass.
Absent were Stanley Swain, Elaine Mawer
and Fiona Rogers

Obituary for Barry Swain

We regret to announce the tragic death of Barry Charles Swain, who sadly passed away on Saturday 2nd June 2012 aged 26.

Barry was born on 7th December 1985 to parents Barney Swain and the late Frances Swain (nee Green). He is survived by his son Lucas Swain, partner Glenda Swain, father Barney and brothers Adrian and Nicholas Swain.

Barry attended St Mary's School from the age of 5 until 15 years old. After leaving school in 2001 he was employed by Ovenstone Ltd where he completed a year as an apprentice fisherman and worked at the Fishing Factory during non fishing days. In 2007 he was employed by Tristan Government working for the Public Works Department as a plumber. In 2008 Barry was re-employed by Ovenstone as a fisherman partnering Andrew Green on fishing days. Barry loved the sea and was also a crew member of the cargo barge during off-loading days.

Barry enjoyed life, was a proud father and was a valued member of the community. He will be sadly missed by his family, friends and all who knew him.

See also the separate Beach Tragedy Page for further information.

Aiden's Christening

Aiden's Godparents: Back row Left to Right
Vanessa Lavarello, Sasha Green, Julian Repetto, Emma Rogers, George Swain, Wayne Swain
Front row Left to Right Priscilla Hagan, Glenda Swain,
Eugene Repetto, Kirsty Green with Aiden, Poppy Lavarello,
Martin Green, Paul Repetto
Absent - Rodney Green, Simon and Natasha Glass, Dave Glass, Larry Davis, Jenny Bancroft, Anne Ashworth, Kelly Burns

Aiden Lindsay Repetto was Christened
in St Mary's Church on Sunday 27th May 2012.

Photographs from Iris Green

Above: Mother Kirsty Green, with grand-parents Ken and Judy Green and father Eugene Repetto

Aiden with Kirsty Eugene with Aiden's grand-mother
Desi who is holding Aiden
Aiden's Noah's Ark Cake

Birth of Aiden Repetto

We are delighted to announce the birth of Aiden Lindsay Repetto in Cape Town in the early hours of 13th April. Aiden weighed 3.4kg and is the son of proud parents Eugene Repetto and Kirsty Green.

Photos from Tina Glass show young Aiden on his own and with Kirsty in the Cape Town Hospital.

It is understood Kirsty and Aiden are leaving hospital on 16th April and hopefully will travel home with Eugene on MV Edinburgh which is due to leave Cape Town on Friday 20th April.

Leon Glass' 30th Birthday

Leon celebrated his 30th Birthday on 1st April

Report and photos from Tina Glass

Leon with Godparents
Jimmy Glass, Brenda Swain,
Jack Green, and Sheila Glass

Connie, Leon, and Sharon Glass

Lorraine Repetto, Leon Glass, Sheila Glass

Steve Swain's 21st Birthday

Steve Swain celebrated his 21st Birthday 31st March ahead of the actual day on 3rd April

Report and pictures from Tina Glass

Steve with his God-parents
Front: Left to Right Jerry Green, Ian Lavarello, Carlene Glass-Green, Tracy Swain, Jackie Lavarello, Amanda Swain
Back row Left to Right James Glass, Christopher Swain (hidden), Duncan Lavarello
Absent was Dilys Green who was in Germany

Steve with his father Cliff,
sister Leanne,
and mother Lily Swain

Steve & his Granny Nora Swain

Anne Green's 60th Birthday and Joseph Green's 65th Birthday

were both celebrated with a party on 21st March
as they are due to be in Cape Town in June - Joe is 65 on 8th June.

Report and photos from daughter Iris

Front row Joe, Rachel, Caryn, Anne, Sasha, Iris Green
Behind Joanne, Keith, Martin, Jason
Joe and Anne with their grandchildren:
Front : Joe, Rachel, Anne, Sasha, Caryn,
Behind : Jason
Coincidentally daughters Iris and Joanne married Martin Green and Keith Green respectively so all retain the Green surname.

Ken Green's 65th Birthday

celebrated on 28th February

Pictures and report from Iris Green

Judy and Ken with their children, Martin, Natasha, and Vanessa ( Kirsty is in Cape Town )
Ken with his cake depicting his beloved Longboat
Stirling Castle
Ken with grandchildren
Rachel, Jamie, Sasha and Chloe

Treble Birthday Celebrated

Iris and Martin Green's 40th Birthdays as well as their daughter Sasha's 21st were celebrated on 15th February as grandparents will be in Cape Town when Sasha is due to be 21 on 17th July

Report and pictures from Iris Green

Sasha, Iris and Martin
with their cakes
Martin and Iris with daughters
Rachel and Sasha

Ethan Lavarello's Christening - Sunday 18th March 2012

Ethan's Christening was held in St Mary's Church on Sunday 18th March followed by a reception in the Prince Philip Hall

Photos from Tina Glass show:

Above: Front Row Left to Right ~ Paula Swain, Sasha Green, Anne Marie Collins, Emma Swain. Poppy and Ethan Lavarello, Donny Green, Dion Green, Lars Repetto (Lay Minister) Back Row Left to Right ~ Warren Glass, Robin Repetto, Andrew Green, Nicky Swain, Steve Swain, Graham Rogers. Absent Godparents were were: Samantha Swain, Rodney Green, Kirsty Green, Kora Lavarello & David Day

Right: Ethan with Grandparents Terry and Maureen Green, and Linda Lavarello

Obituary for Lydia Green

We regret to announce the death of Lydia Parker Green who passed away in the early hours of 8th February, aged 81. Lydia was born on 29th November 1930, the fourth and last surviving child of William ('Bill) Peter Green and Selena ('Lena') Ann Swain.

Lydia was an enthusiastic worker who was a cleaner for the Prince Philip Hall and employed part time at the fishing factory up until her retirement. She was seen on many days working in the Potato Patches along side her brother Joshua, with whom she lived until his death in 2009.

She was a very pleasant and cheerful person who always liked to join in activities, and will be remembered with affection by her many friends and relatives.