Tristan da Cunha celebrates recent births and christenings.

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Birth of Emily Tahlia Swain

We are pleased to announce the birth of  Emily Tahlia Swain on Wednesday 6th September 2023 to proud parents Kelly Swain and Riaan Repetto.

Emily was born in Cape Town and weighed 3.4kg at birth.  

The family are doing well and looking forward to returning home to Tristan to eagerly awaiting family and friends.



Photos from Kelly Swain             

Christening of Liam Glass

Photos from Rachel Green

Liam Glass was christened on the 11th September 2022 in St Joseph’s Church. Normally a reception is held after the church service, however due to offloading the ship arriving with goods from CapeTown the reception was held a bit later in the evening at the Prince Philip Hall.

Liam and his parents Rachel Green and Leo Glass

Father Dominic carrying out the ceremony at St Joseph's Catholic Church

Liam with his Godparents: Back L-R : Patrick Green, Nathan Swain, Jason Green, Kelly Green, Caryn Green, Conchita Repetto and Nicky Swain

Front L-R : Father Dominic, Stephanie Glass, Ramon Repetto, Mum Rachel with Liam and Dad Leo, Lay Minister and Great Grandmother Anne Green, Natalie Swain and Sasha Swain

Christening of Riley Ellen Glass

Photos from Georgina Jones, Kate Sherry and Robert Urquhart

Riley Ellen Glass was Christened on Sunday the 4th September 2022 at St Mary's Church followed by a reception which was held at the Prince Philip Hall. Riley's sister Rosslin and mum Stacey were also baptised on the same day.

Riley with sister Rosslin Riley with great grandmother Catherine Glass
Riley with her Grandparents: L-R: Conrad Glass, Sharon Glass, Martha White, Greg Kessler, parents Stacey Lee-White, Leon Glass and sister Rosslin.

Riley's Godparents including some of Stacey's and Rosslin's godparents: L-R Back row: Eric Glass, Warren Glass, Graham Rogers, Justin Green, Patrick Green, Shane Green, Steve Swain, Kelly Green,

Front Row: Danny Rogers, Sasha Swain, Adrian Swain, Sheila Glass, Greg Kessler, Lorraine Repetto, Martha White, Judith Green, Julie Green, Samantha Swain, Lynette Green


Absent: Jason Jacobs, Keagan Jacobs, Riaan Willemse, Frank Swain, Matthew Rogers, Magdalena Armstrong and

Willem Engelbrecht

Birth of Liam Herbert Glass

Birth of Tristan da Cunha baby Liam Herbert Glass to Rachel Green and Leo Glass on 6th June 2022.
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Birth of Riley Glass

Birth of Tristan da Cunha baby Riley Glass to Leon Glass and Stacey-Lee White on 10th November 2021.
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Christenings of Seren Green and Jake Swain

Christening of Tristan da Cunha babies Seren Green to Shane and Kelly Green, and Jake Swain to Steve and Sasha Swain on 12th December 2021
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Christening of Summer Swain

Christening of Tristan da Cunha baby Summer Swain to Wayne Swain and Conchita Repetto on 5th December 2021.
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Birth of Jake Peter Swain

Birth of Tristan da Cunha baby Jake Peter Swain to Sasha and Steve Swain on 4th July 2021.
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Birth of Summer Swain

Birth of Tristan da Cunha baby Summer Swain to Wayne Swain and Conchita Repetto on 18th May 2021.
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