Two black Angus bulls arrived with MFV Edinburgh on 30th November 2022.

New Bulls added to Tristan's Livestock

Photos and Report from Martin Green

Two black Angus bulls arrived with MFV Edinburgh on Wednesday 30th November 2022. These were purchased from Philip de Waal in Swartland, South Africa to retire the current bulls (an Aberdeen Angus purchased in 2017 and a local bull from the artificial insemination program).

The bulls were transported to Tristan in two specially made bull crates. They were ferried ashore on the raft and transported to the paddock where once released enjoyed their freedom and fresh green grass. The Angus bulls are now adapting to their new environment.

The new bulls being loaded onto the MFV Edinburgh ready for the journey to Tristan Da Cunha

The raft used to transport the bulls from ship to shore.

The bull crate is carefully lifted from the raft and placed onto a tractor before being moved to the paddock

A quick check ensures all is secure

Enjoying the scenery while awaiting release Pausing for a snack
Relaxing after a long journey

Doing what bulls does best