News from Tristan da Cunha's Communications Department and other communications news.

Head of Communications Department Andy Repetto

can be reached by email at,

by phone on +44 (0) 20 3014 2034,

and via Tristan Radio on VHF Channel 14, 16, 78 and 80. HFSSB 4000 / 4149 / 6230 / 8294mhz.

See also details for visiting ships / yachts on Ship Visits Page

For reports and photos of Tristan Communications including phones, radio and installation of VHF transmission stations see: Communications News 2006 - 2013

Phones down for a time on Monday 25th November

Technical fault sorted
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Tristan represented at Small Satellite Business Conference

Chris Carnegy attends event at European Space Agency
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Tristan Phone Fault Rectified

Phones now working properly
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First Radio Contact with a plane on 28th October 2016

Tristan Radio has made the first ever radio contact with a plane flying from South Africa to South America.
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New Page: Tristan da Cunha's Development and Public Works

Tristan has a modern facilities for energy, water, sewage, roads, etc., which are constantly being developed and improved.
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Andy Repetto visits (SAMSA) MRCC Cape Town and Cape Town Radio

Andy Repetto visited colleagues in Cape Town while passing through on his trip to the UK.
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Head of Department Andy Repetto

Andrea (Andy) Repetto was appointed Head of Tristan da Cunha's Communications Department in October 2007.
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