Advice to people who wish to help with the environmental emergency following the wreck of the bulk carrier MS Oliva on 16th March 2011 on Nightingale Island.

How you can help

Tristan da Cunha MS Oliva Environmental Emergency
How you can help

People around the world have been moved by the plight of Tristan's wildlife
and the threat to the island's way of life caused by the incident and have asked how they can help.

Volunteers cannot be flown to Tristan da Cunha
(because there is no airport and only limited passenger capacity on the infrequent sailings)
and further supplies will take 4-6 days to reach the island.
There is as yet no formal appeal for funds to support the work the island is doing
 but there are a number of ways in which you can make a practical contribution
to the work of restitution and to the longer term future of the Tristan community.

This site, for instance, is run for the the Tristan Government
by the unpaid volunteers of the Tristan da Cunha Association, which exists to support the island and its people.

Education on the island increasingly emphasises the importance of its wildlife and the environment
in which it flourishes and the need to conserve and protect this for the future.
The Association's present fund-raising priority is the Tristan Education Trust Fund,
which will support Islanders to receive education or training abroad
-something which is vital for the future of the environment, the wildlife
and above all, the people of the island who will nurture it for the future.  
A first student may be taking up schooling in South Africa next January,
but the Association will also always respond to any immediate need,
as it did by donating £30,000 after the 2001 hurricane on the island.  
So, it is worth considering joining the Association, as well as making a donation to the Education Fund.

Full details of what the Association does and a special offer for membership
can be found on our Association Section on this website and through which you can also make a donation.

The Association will always respond to requests from the island arising out of this emergency and are always on stand-by to respond. Your donations and legacies will always be used for the benefit of the Tristan da Cunha community, without any subtraction for salaries.

We should also mention that the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds),
is providing valuable resources and advice in this emergency.
The RSPB is a UK registered charity affiliated to BirdLife International
and that their work is supported entirely by members' subscriptions and donations,
which we would encourage you to consider donating to the RSPB
- see their website