On the 31st December 'Okalolies' (men in costumes and scary masks) wander about the village to chase and capture any children or ladies outdoors. The fishing dong is sounded to ring in the New Year.

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Old Year's Night 2014

The modern Tristan Old Year's Night is centred on two official receptions when the famous Okalolies put in an appearance. On this page we will show the scenes on 31st December 2014.

Old Year's Night 31st December 2014

The Administrator invited all men and women of 18 years of age or over to the Residency for drinks between 6.00pm and 7.00pm. Thereafter all men and women of 18 years or more were invited to the residence of the Acting Chief Islander, Lorraine Repetto.

The famous Old Year's Night Okalolies again made the events spectacular and unique.

Photos and Reports from Alex Mitham, Dawn Repetto and Marc Escudier

Showing for the first time the secrets of Okalolies dressing up as they are effectively unmasked.

Getting ready, assembling, and
about to hit the H'admin's Reception
with a roar.

The Okalolies toured houses and here are gathered in the garden of Jack and Cynthia Green's house where they pose with the youngest girl on Tristan - Jack and Cynthia's grand-daughter Savanna - who seems unphased by the experience!

Photo - Cynthia Green

At the H'admin's Residency Reception

Old Year's Night

Report and Photos from Administrator Alex Mitham who hosted an Old Year's Night Reception at The Residency

It was a sunny evening for the Old Years Night Celebrations and the Okalolies arrived on mass after causing mischief around the village!

In fact I was surprised to see stars from Top Gear turn up as well – the Stig disguised himself as an Okaloly and sped around the garden on the Residency Lawnmower (or was it Lewis Hamilton?) and I'm sure the Okaloly giving directions was Jeremy Clarkson... see photos above!

Alex's Speech

Thank you for all coming tonight and for the Okalolies looking so attractive this evening!

While many people are able to be here tonight, unfortunately there are those who can’t be, and I know our thoughts and prayers go to everyone in Cape Town - although I’m sure everyone at Tristan House are having their own special Old Years Night celebrations.

Alex went on to review 2014 and to look forward to 2015. We publish this part of his speech on the Government News Page and there are also quotes on the 2014-15 Christmas and New Year Page

Below right: Was it wise to let these men in Alex?

As Old Year's Night got older, revellers went on to the Acting Chief Islander's (Lorraine Repetto MBE) Reception at her home
As the Old Year waned, spirits were high and a procession of people ready to herald in the New Year of 2015 by ringing the island gong (usually used to announce a fishing day, that post is ready for collection, or in emergency).

The Okalolies, who maintain one of the island’s special traditions, are in need of a face-lift and wonder if any kind friends may consider bringing or sending suitable masks for 2015?

Therefore sponsoring an Okaloly.