A new range of hand crafted jewellery and recycled products has been launched by the Tristan da Cunha Gift Shop.

Introducing the Tesori di Tommaso Brand of Jewellery and Gifts

Introducing... All the way from remote Tristan da Cunha


Something to treasure...

What could be more precious - and unique - than a handcrafted trinket from the world’s most remote inhabited island?

The 37° South Gift Shop on Tristan has launched the Tesori di Tommaso Brand - authentic, handmade, recycled products named after Italian Tommaso Corri, one of the first men to settle here in 1810. He often boasted to members of the British garrison, first posted to the remote island in the middle of the South Atlantic in 1816, that he had hidden treasure. But Tommaso died suddenly, without revealing his secret, and to this day the hoard known as 'Thomas Currie's Kettle' remains undiscovered.

The first designs launched under the new brand name Tesori di Tommaso, or Thomas's Treasures, are necklaces, earrings, bookmarks, Christmas decorations and flax roses, all truly exclusive and bespoke, and available only from the island, in the 37° South Gift Shop or by mail order.vBeautiful pieces are presented in handmade recycled paper boxes, protected by a nest of sheep's wool from the Tristan flock.

Tesori di Tommaso: 'Elegance of Ellen' modelled by Shannon Swain

Made from sterling silver, suede and hemp, jewellery uses the island's historic natural treasures - pebbles, shells and polished seaglass from the beach, or volcanic rock from beside the mountain. Christmas decorations and bookmarks are made from old First Day Cover envelopes that would otherwise have to be destroyed when the issues come to an end and also contains some natural treasures-pebbles, lava, shells, bark etc. Each item is individual, using recycled and sustainable materials with an unrivalled heritage. This new treasure trove joins other crafts designed and made on Tristan da Cunha, including knitwear using wool from the island’s sheep. Most popular are Love Socks, whose stripes carry a secret message - orders arrive every day for another pair to be sent somewhere in the world.

Tesori di Tommaso: 'Archipelago' modelled by Rachel Green

The brand features four jewellery collections, modelled here by Rachel Green and Shannon Swain:

Tesori di Tommaso: 'Archipelago' modelled by Shannon Swain

Archipelago Collection

Tristan is part of an archipelago of islands including Nightingale, Inaccessible and Gough. This collection exhibits four points representing the four main islands.

(Pictured left and right)

Seven Seas Collection

Tristan's settlement is known as Edinburgh of the Seven Seas because travellers of the old days thought in terms of seven largest bodies of water in the world:

Tesori di Tommaso: 'Archipelago' modelled by Rachel Green
Tesori di Tommaso: 'Archipelago' modelled by Shannon Swain North Atlantic Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean,
North Pacific Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, and Southern (or Antarctic) Ocean.

This collection of jewellery reflects pieces which are washed from the oceans onto Tristan's shores. (Pictured above and left)Details >>

Peak Love Collection

Queen Mary's Peak the highest point on the island, contains a pond which is heart shaped. This collection of jewellery mimics the heart shape of that pond. (pictured right)Details >>

Tesori di Tommaso: 'Peak Love' modelled by Rachel Green

Elegance of Ellen

Tesori di Tommaso: 'Elegance of Ellen' modelled by Shannon Swain Tesori di Tommaso logo

Aunt Ellen is the oldest lady on Tristan having reached the lovely age of 100 in 2018. This collection represents the elegance of age and the beauty of what long life and grace brings. (pictured left)Details >>

Further treasures will follow these first collections so watch this space......

Exclusive, authentic, recycled, sustainable – handmade treasures for you.