Presentation of Blue Belt research given to island community

RRS James Clark Ross visits Tristan

Report from Tristan Administrator Sean Burns
Photos from Janine Lavarello and Sean Burns

Photos show the RRS James Clark Ross at anchor off Tristan on Saturday 31st March 2018

The James Clark Ross came to Tristan to help the community better understand how important, environmentally, the seamounts are. They conducted bathymetric surveys of Jahont and Crawford seamounts and took samples, photographs and videos (from pelagic cameras) of the marine life including lobster larvae. This will help inform the community about what sort of marine protected area they would like in place by 2020 and how they can achieve their aim of establishing a sustainable fishery on the seamounts. This was an important outcome from the July workshop where this gap in knowledge was identified.

The pelagic cameras were handed over to Trevor Glass (Conservation Department) and Rodney Green (Fisheries Department) so the island teams can conduct their own research.

The team also took the Wave Dancer on board to go to the UK for a survey and hopefully a much needed refurbishment. The vessel was gifted to the island in 1996, had a refurbishment in 2006 and now needs further work. She is an important asset to the island providing a platform for fisheries and conservation work as well as search and rescue.

Robin, Dawn and Amber Repetto were also given passage to St Helena where they are undergoing some training.

The James Clark Ross will be back again next year for further research and we look forward to welcoming them.

Photos taken aboard the James Clark Ross
soon after arrival show:

Above - Tristan and JCR plaques
being exchanged;

Right: The Tristan inshore vessel Wave Dancer
(larger boat) prior to being loaded en route
for repairs in the UK.

Report from Janine Lavarello

It was a lovely calm and sunny day on Saturday 31st March 2018 for the James Clark Ross' visit to Tristan.

She anchored offshore at 8:00am and a group of school children were taken on board for a tour of the ship. By 9:00am the first group of visitors were ashore, which followed by alternate groups taking turns.

At 12:00 a Blue Belt presentation was given to the Islanders by spokesmen Martin and Simon.

After the presentation the remaining visitors had a wonder around the island and enjoyed some refreshments and treats at Café da Cunha.

Everyone was back on board the ship by 3:00pm and the vessel then headed for St Helena.

Visitors from the James Clark Ross
in the Post Office and Tourism Centre

Dr Martin Collins giving a presentation to the island community in the Tourism Centre

Part of the audience gathered for a talk on the Blue Belt research
carried out by the team aboard the RRS James Clark Ross
around the Tristan Islands EEZ seamounts

Pelagic camera and linked buoys being handed over to islanders Trevor Glass and Rodney Green

Photos show:

Left -
the final RIB returning to the James Clark Ross;

Below -
The ship ready to depart.

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