On the outward journey from the Falkland Islands to Tristan

RRS Discovery wildlife observations

Report and photos from Stephanie Martin
Tristan Conservation Department Environmental and Conservation Policy Officer
who is the Marine Mammal Observer on the cruise
with other notes from Dr Simon Morley,
ecophysiologist and Principal British Antarctic Survey Scientist on the project

Stephanie has been spending most of the day out on deck observing. Southern Right Whale dolphins were seen on the morning of Friday 15th March. Also sen was a mixed group of pilot whales and common dolphins. 


Left: RRS Discovery badge on deck

Simon Morley reports that the Tristan albatross was seen on Thursday 14th March so "we are definitely on our way"!

The photo above shows a Gony or Tristan Albatross
taking off from the sea.

Right: RSPB's Andy Schofield on spotting duty

Also seen on 14th March were a Sei whale and two Southern bottlenose whales.