The yacht Pelagic Australis has delivered second Gough Restoration Programme team from Cape Town to Gough Island.

Second Restoration Team Sails to Gough Island

Report and photos from RSPB, with additional photos from Chris Jones and Kim Stevens

In a repeat of its February voyage, the yacht Pelagic Australis sailed from Cape Town with the second Gough Restoration Programme team, following the successful navigation of quarantine. She departed Cape Town on the 2nd March 2021 and arrived at Gough on the 11th March after a mighty nine days at sea. It is safe to say that they were all relieved to set foot on land again!

Second Gough team displaying their banner in Cape Town harbour

The second Gough Restoration team unfurls its banner in Cape Town harbour

Pelagic Australis leaving Cape Town harbour Arriving at Gough Island
Pelagic Australis leaving Cape Town Approaching Gough Island

Aerial view of the Pelagic Australis off Gough Island

Pelagic Australis at anchor off Gough Island

Landing at Gough Island Landing at Gough Island
Landing on Gough

This is another major milestone in the 2021 operation which was postponed from last year. In addition to the arrival of the first team on the Pelagic Australis in February, the SV Urchin is scheduled to bring team members from Tristan da Cunha in late March.

After a lovely spell of good weather, Gough is back to its normal stormy-rainy self. The arrival of more hands will ensure the teams can make the most of every window of opportunity and be ready to start when the remaining team members arrive. Onwards and upwards!