Centents of the 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter', February 2012,

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February 2012 Newsletter

is a 40 page full colour magazine full of Tristan news and features
posted to members on 9th February

Highlights of the February 2012 Newsletter

  • Cover picture: Unusual view of Tristan from SA Agulhas
  • Administrator Sean Burns surveys the last six months on Tristan da Cunha
  • Sue Scott reports on MS Oliva dives in September 2011
  • Katrine Herian reviews the status of Northern Rockhopper Penguins post Oliva wreck
  • Chief Islander Ian Lavarello's 2011 UK Trip from Chris Bates
  • Two awards for Tristan Fishery in 2011
  • Conrad Glass reports on an amazing Humpback Whale rescue
  • School Report from Jim Kerr
  • Tony Triggs gives a Tristan Song Project update
  • HMS Clyde's crew help commemorate the 50th anniversary of volcanic eruption
  • Latest Stamp Issues
  • Tristan Family, Church and Community News
  • Shipping News including Yacht Mars Mostro rescue
  • Final SA Agulhas Voyage in 2011
  • John Cooper describes a dangerous Gough river crossing
  • Chris Bates reports on his return to Tristan
  • Tristan botanical Survey from Jim McIntosh
  • Katrine Herian reports on Inaccessible Island Tristan Albatross breeding
  • Cave Point shipwreck and Whale sighting from James Glass
  • Inaccessible Conservation Projects by Peter Ryan
  • Island Sky Cruise to Tristan and Beyond from Richard Grundy
  • Latest book and map reviews
  • Tristan Association Update