Contents of the 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter', August 2013,

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August 2013 Newsletter

is a 40 page full colour magazine full of Tristan news and features
posted to members by 24th July 2013

Highlights of the August 2013 Newsletter:

  • Cover picture from Antje Steinfurth showing adult Northern Rockhopper Penguins returning to sea from The Rock on Nightingale Island
  • Introduction to Alex Mitham, due to become Tristan’s 22nd Administrator
  • Feature on the New Island Council
  • Sean Burns’ final article as Administrator
  • MV Edinburgh News including an MBE for Captain Clarence
  • Shipping News including the discovery of MS Oliva’s lifeboat washed up in Australia
  • Norman Glass reports on research into Nightingale’s crayfish and penguins
  • Antje Steinfurth gives further insight into Nightingale Rockhopper Penguin research
  • Report from Agriculture Adviser Sam Kent
  • Tristan Social Events including the 2013 Ratting and Queen’s Days
  • Tourism Feature from Dawn Repetto
  • Iris and Martin Green report on their Isle of Man training
  • Reports from Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Bates
  • Tristan Family News
  • Church News
  • Tristan students in Cape Town from Jim Kerr and Tristan Education Trust Fund update
  • Sue Scott reports of her dives from the RRS James Clark Ross
  • John Cooper investigates the names of Gough Island peaks
  • Tristan Association News including the 2013 Annual Gathering in Southampton
  • Photo Feature showing Islanders in 1963 and 1971