Contents of the 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter', February 2014,

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February 2014 Newsletter

is a 40 page full colour magazine full of Tristan news and features expected to be posted to members late January 2014

Highlights of the February 2014 Newsletter:

  • Front Cover : Photograph taken from Burntwood looking NNE across the Patches Plain with Hillpiece (and beyond the Goat Ridge) obscuring the view of the Tristan Settlement.
  • Alex Mitham takes the helm as Tristan's 22nd Administrator and surveys the Tristan scene - including celebrations to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the return of Islanders from the UK in Glasgow and on Tristan.
  • Tristan's fund raising for Philippines' Typhoon victims
  • St Mary's School News
  • Tristan Family and Community News
  • Article by Chief Executive Kobus Potgieter on his life and work on Tristan
  • Lorna Lavarello-Smith's Ordination in Peterborough Cathedral by Alex Nagel
  • Peter Millington explores a 1950 US 'Holiday' magazine article about Tristan
  • Post Office News including details of recent stamp issues
  • 37 Degrees South Knitwear launches 'Love Socks'
  • The 2013 SA Agulhas II trip including a report from Karen Lavarello-Schreier Shipping News including a report on HMS Richmond's visit by Alex Mitham
  • Albatross and Petrels on the outer Tristan Islands by John Cooper and Peter Ryan The place names of Gough Island by Sir Martin Holdgate
  • Tristan News Abroad including a Tristan Song Project update from Tony Triggs Tristan Association Matters including arrangements for the 2014 Annual Gathering
  • Photo Feature on Tristan Christmas and New Year Events