Contents of the 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter', August 2015,

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August 2015 Newsletter

40 pages of Tristan news and features published in July 2015.


  • Front Cover photo of a Tristan Albatross on Gough Island
  • BEM for Dereck Rogers
  • Administrator Alex's Mitham leading article including updates of Tristan news at home and abroad
  • Shipping News including a feature on the visit of HMS Dragon
  • Tristan Family News
  • Reports from St Mary's School and other Education Matters
  • Challenger Expedition Part 2 featuring Inaccessible Island and the Stoltenhoff Story
  • Southern Right Whale Dolphins sighted in Tristan waters
  • The Battle of Tristan da Cunha in 1815
  • Tristan Philatelic Matters including the latest stamp issues
  • Our Woman in Whitehall - FCO Desk Officer profile
  • Photo Feature on Tristan Matters Abroad
  • Veterinary Report
  • Report on Sir Martin Holdgate's Annual Gathering Talk on the Global Importance of Tristan's Wildlife
  • Biggest Earthquake to affect Tristan since 2003
  • Tristan Association Matters including a photo report on the 2015 Annual Gathering.