Contents of the 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter', August 2018,

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August 2018 Newsletter



52 pages of Tristan news and features published in July 2018.

  • Cover: Alex Mitham's 2014 photo of a Molly chick on Gough
  • Administrator Sean Burns' Six Month Review
  • Blue Belt Update from Simon Morley and Martin Collins
  • Tristan Family News
  • The Roman Catholic Parish of St Joseph's Tristan da Cunha by Abbot Hugh Allan
  • St Mary's School News from Victoria Stapleton
  • Politics and Dog Whistles by Chris Carnegy
  • An Archive for Tristan da Cunha by Dr. Colette Halter-Pernet
  • Shipping News
  • Latest Tristan Stamp Issues
  • Review of of David Smallman's book 'A View From the Castle' by Ian Mathieson
  • Tristan's Whalers, Part 2: The New London Connection by Peter Millington
  • James Glass visits his US ancestors
  • Tristan Lobster served in a top Amsterdam hotel, by Neil Foster
  • Tristan Association News
  • Tristan's effect on clouds - photo feature