Contents of the 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter', August 2019,

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August 2019 Newsletter



44 pages of Tristan news and features, plus 2 page supplement, published in August 2019.

  • Cover: Rex Phillips' painting of HMS Leopard approaching Tristan in October 1961
  • 2019 Island Council Election and profile of the new Chief Islander, James Glass
  • Administrator Sean Burns' Six Monthly Review
  • HE Governor Philip Rushbrook takes up office
  • RRS Discovery Expedition to the Tristan Islands
  • Partnership or power-struggle? Chris Carnegy gives a personal view
  • Tristan Family News
  • Education News
  • Shipping News
  • Tristan Community News
  • Tourism and Post Office News including Latest Tristan Stamp Issues
  • A Vet's Tale by Aniket Sardana
  • Tristan Association Annual Gathering
  • Stewart Miller presents a report and photos of HMS Leopard at Tristan in October 1961
  • Tristan Association Matters
  • Maps to Mull Over
  • Supplement: July 2019 Storm Damage : Emergency Fund launched