Contents of the 'Tristan da Cunha Newsletter', February 2023,

February 2023 Newsletter

44 pages of Tristan news and features

Published in February 2023.

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  • Cover: The Tristan summit crater lake (Peak Pond)
  • Tributes following the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II
  • Unexpected change of administrators
  • Administrator Sean Burns Reports
  • Tristan house fire devasting for island family
  • Health reports, by doctors Abby Paton and Alex Wonner
  • Fishing News from James Glass, Clinton Le Bod & Shannon Swain
  • Family and Community News
  • Sisters on Tour, by Paula Swain & Tracy Tough. Visiting their father's home island for the first time
  • 2022 horticulture visit, by Aniket Sardana
  • Latest stamp issues from the Tristan Post Office
  • Stamps for Tristan - Another Racket?, by Mike Faulds
  • Sophora - a Gough Island Puzzle, by Martin Holdgate
  • Denstone Expedition to Inaccessible Island 40 years on, by Clive Siddall
  • Tristan Environmental Assessment 2022, by Anna Hicks & Neil Golding
  • Shipping News
  • TDCA-funded laptops for St Mary's School & Association Matters
  • Back cover: 2022 wildlife discoveries