Details of books and other publications about Tristan da Cunha in 2006 and 2007.

Books Published 2006/7

Bradt Guide to Tristan da Cunha, Ascension and St Helena
Tristan section by Mike Hentley and Richard Grundy

Review by Ian Mathieson
Bradt guides are well known for dealing with the more obscure parts of the planet in some detail and it is pleasing to note that the first edition of the Bradt Guide to St Helena, published in 2002, has sold out within five years and now the substantially revised second edition has been published.
The text remains largely based upon that produced by the original author, Sue Steiner, but it has been updated following a visit to the Island by travel journalist Robin Lister. The Tristan section has been very substantially developed under the authorship of Tristan ex-administrator Michael Hentley and TDC Association Newsletter editor Richard Grundy.
Despite these changes the balance of the guide remains much the same except for the Tristan section which has doubled in length. For the person visiting any of these islands for the first time there is a mass of detail, pictures and maps and also good links to places where further information can be found. If there is a criticism it is the need for editing by someone with a good knowledge, particularly of St Helena , for there are a number of inconsistencies, misplaced pictures and so on in the main section and the reason for the subject of the cover photograph is something of a mystery.

The Book contains 215 pages and includes a 7 page full colour map and photograp section. It is available from Miles Apart for £15.50 including P+P.

Field Guide to the Animals and Plants of Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island
Edited by Peter Ryan

A field guide to the animals and plants of Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island

The field guide to the animals and plants of Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island was published by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in collaboration with the Tristan Island Government and University of Cape Town in May 2007. The book, edited by Peter Ryan, is an outstanding contribution to efforts to conserve Tristan's globally threatened biodiversity.

This attractive guide aims to be a compact reference to the animals and plants found on the territory. It is illustrated throughout with more than 400 colour photographs. In addition to the wealth of information on the wildlife found in the islands it includes a chapter on visiting Tristan so will be a valuable resource for tourists.

All proceeds from the sale of this guide will go to support the work of the Tristan Conservation Department.  It is hoped the guide will encourage readers to visit Tristan to share the experience of watching birds and wildlife in a remote and pristine setting.

The book contains 168 pages and is available direct from NatureBureau, Tel: +44 (0) 1635 550380, at a cost of £12 plus postage, or from Miles Apart @ £13.50 including post and packing ex UK.
A review by Michael Swales was published in the August 2007 Tristan Newsletter.

The Quest for Peter Green – A Dutchman on Tristan da Cunha by Sandra Kornet-van Duyvenboden

‘The Quest for Peter Green - A Dutchman on Tristan da Cunha’
is the story of Peter Green, a fisherman’s boy from the Netherlands and his life on Tristan da Cunha. In 1836 he was shipwrecked at that small island in the middle of the South Atlantic, then the home of some forty inhabitants.
Despite the isolated life Green managed to improve himself. He became Headman of the small community and managed to keep the world informed about Tristan da Cunha.

‘A Dutchman on Tristan da Cunha’ is also the story of the author and her quest for information about Peter Green. In 2001, this quest eventually led her to Tristan da Cunha, the remotest inhabited place in the world.

In 2006, the author visited the island again with the Quincentenary Cruise of the Royal Mail Ship St. Helena to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the discovery of Tristan da Cunha.

The book is paperback, 236 pages, illustrated with colour and black and white illustrations. Published April 2007 in the UK by: George Mann Publications ISBN: 978-0-955241512 It is available from Miles Apart for ₤17.50 incl. p&p UK and ₤19.25 for airmail within Europe

Fernão Lopes – a South Atlantic ‘Robinson Crusoe’ by Beau Rowlands

Fernão Lopes – a South Atlantic ‘Robinson Crusoe’
is the story of the enigmatic Fernão Lopes, a Portuguese hermit, who was the first known inhabitant of St Helena. He lived largely alone on the island between 1516 and 1546. Mutilated in Goa (1512) for treason and apostasy, he jumped ship at St Helena to live as a hermit for ten years before he travelled to Rome (1530) to receive absolution by Pope Clement VII. The book is mainly concerned with St Helena but Tristão da Cunha’s 1506 voyage is described as Lopes's  means of getting to India.

A factual work, front cover colour map of Atlantic Ocean (1536), three inside b&w illustrations (drawings), index, detailed bibliography, paperback, 192 pages, size 234x156x15 mm, print run 300 copies.

The author is an enthusiastic member of the Tristan da Cunha Association who normally provides photographs for the Tristan Newsletter and for individuals.

The book was published in April 2007 by George Mann Publications ISBN 9780955241529. It is available from Miles Apart for £11.50 including P&P ex UK.

The cover image is copyright George Mann Publications

Tristan da Cunha 500th Anniversary Commemorative Publication
by Richard Grundy, Anne Green, Mike Hentley and Michael Swales

Joint Tristan Association - Tristan Community Publication

A special commemorative book published by the Tristan da Cunha Association in November 2006 to celebrate the Quincentenary of the island's discovery in 1506. The publication was written and compiled by the Tristan da Cunha Newsletter Editor Richard Grundy.

It contains 32 full colour A4 pages with a thin card cover, and provides a well illustrated summary of Tristan's 500 year human history, a profile of the island community in 2006, and key articles on 'Achievements and Aspirations' from The Chief Islander, Anne Green, the Resident Administrator Mike Hentley and Tristan Association Chairman Michael Swales. It contains 120 images including three maps.

The publication is available to Association Members for £5 including post and packing. Non-members can order the publication for £6 (£7 inc P&P in UK; £8 inc P&P overseas), direct from the Tristan da Cunha Association or from Miles Apart.

The souvenir edition is strictly limited but members may order multiple copies at the bargain rate of £5 inc P&P while stocks last. The publication is also available for sale on Tristan da Cunha - the Tristan da Cunha Association donated 1000 copies as gifts for island families and for sale for local benefit.

Memoirs: North, South, East and West by Allan B Crawford

Review by Michael Swales
first published in the February 2007 Tristan da Cunha Newsletter:

This is an easy-to-read account of the author’s life, very personal in places, but timely for its publication in 2006 to coincide with the author’s intimate connection with Tristan da Cunha over seventy years, and the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the island’s discovery.
From his first visit to Tristan in 1937, Allan has shown an affinity with the place (he made the first map of it) and its people. They showed their willingness to co-operate with him as demonstrated in visits to Bouvet and Marion Islands . He subsequently made significant contributions to the life of the islanders, not least through postage stamps and the inauguration of ‘Tristan Times’. One chapter also gives an insight into ‘behind the scenes’ activity connected with the islanders’ return to Tristan in 1963.
As a meteorologist Allan was clearly in a position to act as a much-travelled go-between with many distinguished acquaintances and a noteworthy invention of his own to his credit. The culmination of his connection with Tristan da Cunha may be in the founding of the Tristan da Cunha Association of which he is Life President. This is a book of recommended reading for all our members and it complements his three previous books about his Tristan experiences.

Published by George Mann 2006 ISBN 0954629981 Available from Miles Apart for £11 including Post and Packing ex UK.