The reception was held at Prince Philip Hall, with presentations by Administrator, Alex Mitham, and Chief Islander, Ian Lavarello.

Community Reception on 17th September 2016

Report and photos from Shirley Squibb

The community reception was held on Saturday the 17th September at 7pm at the Prince Philip Hall. The evening started with refreshments followed by Administrator Alex Mitham addressing the community and visitors.

Jeanne Cowan then presented the island with a thank you plaque from the Lions Club Charity for donations of food and clothing sent to those less fortunate in Cape Town. She then presented medals to the fishermen with the highest yearly lobster catch to partners Larry and Christopher and Gary and Cliff.

The Chief Islander, Ian then addressed the community presenting Julian Swain with a plaque for him and his wife Charmaine's to thank them for their ongoing support to the island community and to remember the time they spent taking care of the Tristan house and islanders in Cape Town.

Ian thanked the Alex for his time on Tristan and wished him and Hasene well for the future. They were presented with a Tristan model longboat as a farewell gift.

Alex and Hasene later opened the dance and was soon followed onto the dance floor by those present. Islanders and visitors were able to get to know each other and it was an evening enjoyed by all.

Alex Mitham addressing the Reception with Hasene behind. Jeanne Cowan presenting Alex Mitham with a plaque for the island from the Lions Club Charity.
Left: Jeanne Cowan presenting Larry Swain with his 2015-16 Fishing Season Medal
Above: Fishing medals winners: Christopher and Larry Swain and Gary Repetto and Cliff Swain.
Chief Islander Ian Lavarello making his speech and presenting Julian Swain with a 200th Anniversary Plaque of thanks.
Left: Alex and Hasene with the gift of a model longboat presented by Chief Islander Ian Lavarello to mark the end of their three year term on Tristan.
Above: Alex and Hasene opening the dance.