Foundation blocks for the new Tristan Healthcare Centre have been laid.

Healthcare Centre Construction Update

Update from Barry Davies

Unfortunately the weather has made offloading of MV Glory's 3,500 cubic metres of material and equipment very difficult, but the construction team on site are doing a commendable job. It is hoped by Break-Up Day on 20th December that the foundations of the new facilty will be complete, as well as site offices and on-site accommodation for the construction team in use. A second team of 10 Galliford Try construction workers is due to arrive on the island by 14th January.

Galliford Try are making satisfactory progress on site in spite of the adverse weather conditions that have delayed the offloading of MV Glory.

Photos from Barry Davies show views across the construction site on 13th December with foundation blocks being laid.
Another view of the site, a foundation block being lowered into place, and Galliford Try team members on site.