Administrator Sean Burns has been evacuated to Cape Town after falling seriously ill.

Tristan da Cunha Administrator Evacuated

Bulletin from Chief Islander James Glass

The Tristan Administrator Sean Burns was taken seriously ill on the 9th March 2023 and was admitted to hospital. With Tristan having no airport or vessel of its own, an emergency call was sent out to see if any vessels were in the area. A German research vessel, the RV Meteor, answered the call and arrived at Tristan on the 14th March. Sean was successfully transferred to the vessel for treatment in Cape Town.

RV Meteor awaiting the medevac

Above: RV Meteor awaiting the medevac

James Glass has been sworn-in as acting Administrator in Sean’s absence. The Governor, HE Nigel Phillips is en route to Tristan da Cunha for a planned visit and is expected to arrive on 20th March.