Tristan's resident Administrator is appointed by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and reports to the Governor in Saint Helena.

Tristan da Cunha Administrators

The current Tristan da Cunha Administrators are Fiona Kilpatrick and Steve Townsend who arrived at the island on 23rd January 2020. This is the first time there has been a joint adminstration on the island, and Fiona will become the first lady to hold the post. The married couple will alternate duties as Administrator, with Fiona taking up the role for the first three months following a swearing-in ceremony in the Council Chamber on 24th January.
See below for a full list of Tristan Administrators.

Photo taken on 9th January shows Fiona and Steve in London
during a meeting with Tristan Association Co-Chair John Cooper.


The Administrator of Tristan da Cunha acts as President of the Island Council and Chairs the Heads of Department Meeting. Administrators are employed by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

This photograph shows The Residency - home for the resident Administrator, often used to host Receptions on various special occasions. See below for archive photo of the Residency in 2005.

Administrator's Flag
Pictured left is the Flag of the Tristan da Cunha Administrator which was assigned in a proclamation made on 20th October 2002 by Governor Hollamby under a Royal Warrant granted by Her Majesty the Queen.
It consists of a Union Flag with a white disc edged with a gold ring under a garland of laurel and containing the full Armorial Ensigns of the Territory.
The flag is to be used in the presence of the Administrator, or acting Administrator, on land and at sea.

Resident British Administrators

1950-1952 - Hugh Elliott
1952-1954 - Philip Scott
1954-1957 - Pat Forsyth Thompson
1957-1959 - Godfrey Harris
1959-1961 - Peter Day
1961 - Peter Wheeler
1961-1963 - Evacuation of community to UK
1963-1965 - Peter Day
1965-1966 - Gordon Whitefield
1966-1969 - Brian Watkins
1969-1974 - Ian Fleming
1974-1975 - Bill Sandham (Acting Administrator)
1975-1978 - Stan Trees
1978-1981 - Eddie Brooks
1981-1984 - Colin Redston
1984-1989 - Roger Perry
1989-1992 - Bernard Pauncefort
1992-1994 - Philip Johnson
1994-1997 - Brendan Dalley
1995-1996 - Alan Waters (Acting Administrator)
1997-1998 - Brian Money (Acting Administrator)
1998-2001 - Brian Baldwin
2001-2004 - Bill Dickson
2004-2007 - Mike Hentley
2007-2010 - David Morley
2010-2013 - Sean Burns
2013-2016 - Alex Mitham
2016-2020 - Sean Burns
2020 - - Fiona Kilpatrick and Steve Townsend

Only Acting Administrators sent out by the UK Government to cover for absence are included.

The Residency

The Residency is the Tristan home of the Administrator. This 2005 photograph, taken by Janice Hentley shows the Administrator's flag typically extended by the westerly wind. The skyline behind the Residency is dominated by the Goat Ridge.