Tristan da Cunha's day to day organisation is administered through a number of Government Departments and the Fishing Factory.

Agriculture Department

Head: Neil Swain

The Agriculture Department supports Tristan's agriculture at all levels, to promote production of beef, mutton, wool, eggs, fruit and vegetables. The Department also polices the regulations on livestock quotas and other agricultural issues.More >>

Communications Department

Head: Andy Repetto

Manages the radio station, the local telephone network, satelite television, internet access and computers.More >>

Conservation Department staff

Conservation Department

Head: Trevor Glass

Responsible for maintaining the UNESCO World Heritage sites at Inaccessible and Gough Islands, and monitors wildlife on Tristan island and the Nightingale islands. Liaises with visiting specialists from external organisations such as the RSPB.More >>

St Mary's School

Education Department

Head Teacher: Julia Hagan

Responsible not just for St Mary's School, but the continuing education of Tristan students overseas in England and South Africa.More >>

Tristan Crayfish

Fisheries Department

Director: James Glass

Responsible for setting and enforcing annual quotas for crayfish fishing, issuing licences for foreign fishing vessels, working with Ovenstone Agencies to ensure that the factory and fishing operations secure and maintain certification for food hygiene and sustainability.More >>

Dental technician

Health Department

Hospital Manager: Vera Glass

Runs Camogli Hospital, and engages expatriate doctors and dentists. Handles medical evacuations and manages the treatment of maritime medical emergencies.More >>

Conrad Glass, Tristan's policeman


Head: Conrad Glass

Tristan is remarkably crime free. The police force is responsible for immigration matters, and policing Tristan's territorial watersMore >>

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Post Office

Head: Iris Green

Handles mail to and from Tristan, and manages the philatelic bureau within the Tourism Centre, and Tristan coinsMore >>

Tristan Public Works

Public Works Department

Manages Tristan's infrastructure - roads & transport, water & sewerage, electricity distribution & street lighting, harbour maintenance, and public building construction & maintenance. The department is split into three sections:

General & Maintenance - Head: Jonathan Repetto

Electrical & Plumbing - Head: Robin Repetto

More >>Mechanical & Gas - Head: Carlene Glass-Green

Thatched House Museum

Tourism and Heritage Department

Head: Kelly Green

Manages the Tourism Centre and Museum, including Café da Cunha, the bakery, a small gift shop, the Tristan Archives, and the Thatched House Museum. Liaises with cruise ship companies and visiting yachts to arrange tours and excursions, and accommodation for visitors and officials.More >>

Heads of Department meeting, 2011

Treasury Department

Head: Lorraine Repetto

Handles all Tristan's financial matters, including the budget, government wages and purchasing, and provides banking services to islanders and tourists. It is also responsible for the island store.More >>

Enviroearth Monitoring Station

Enviroearth Monitoring Station

Head: Vincent Méni

The Monitoring Station is not part of the Tristan Government, but liaises closely with it, not least regarding renewable energy.More >>

Ovenstones Fishing Factory

Factory Manager: Clinton de Bod

The fishing factory is operated by the South African company Ovenstones Agencies, and processes the island's crawfish catch, marketed as Tristan Rock Lobster. The factory also generates the island's electricity supply. The Factory Manager works closely with the Tristan Government.More >>