MV Glory was finally unloaded on 26th December so all components for the new Camogli Healthcare Centre are now ashore

Final offloading of new Heathcare Centre components

Report by Barry Davies

as final off-loading of MV Glory takes place on Boxing Day, 26th December 2016

Offloading of the MV Glory was completed at 18.15 on 26th December 2016. All the materials for the new Camogli Heathcare Centre are now safely onshore at  Tristan da Cunha. MV Glory arrived at Tristanon 4th nOVEMBER, but on only 11 days since has offloading been possible due to the adverse weather conditions. Both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were again unsuitable, but at last, on Boxing Day the Galliford Try team were busy on site and helping islanders to offload MV Glory, which departed at 8.50pm GMT that night.

Photos show scenes of 26th December 2016,
when final components for the new Camogli Heathcare Centre were brought ashore, 
as offloading of the MV Glory was completed 
Workers relax at last after spending Boxing Day
(normally a public holiday)

workingto ensure materials
are ashore to enable work to progress
on the new Camogli Healthcare Centre.