Construction workers have been placing roof cassettes on the new Camogli Healthcare Centre.

Working on the Healthcare Centre Roof.

Photos and report from Barry Davies

A few more pictures taken on the 28th January 2017, when the construction guys were working on placing roof cassettes. It had rained in the night and was overcast in the morning. GT are making good progress, so we are hoping for another month of dry weather to enable the building to be weather tight.

Barry is trying to get a few group pictures of the workers, but it is tricky taking pictures because of the reflector strips on their high visibility vests, so the light needs to be just right.

Fixing battens on the roof Placing roof cassettes on the new Healthcare Centre

Above: Fixing battens on the healthcare centre roof.

Above right & right: Placing roof cassettes.

Below: Steve Brown, hooking up roof cassettes.

Bottom right (L-R): Ian Prickett, John Taylor, Mikael Larsson & John Sanders.


Steve Brown

Placing roof cassettes on the new Healthcare Centre
Roofing team