St Mary's School pupils tour the Camogli Healthcare Centre construction site.

School Healthcare Centre Visit

St Mary's School visit to the Camogli Healtcare Centre construction site

Report and photos from Victoria Stapleton

Above: Class 2 with Miss Julia and Class 3 with Miss Anne
Below: Playgroup with Miss Shelia, Class 1 and Miss Sandra

We've all been watching the progress of the new hospital with interest from afar as it's started to take shape. Then, Galliford Try invited St Mary's to come and see how the project is progressing and meet some of the team.

Playgroup and Class 1 were first to visit. They were met by Mark, the Project Leader and Kate the Community Liaison Officer. First, the children were shown around the living quarters which the children thought looked very cool although they were amazed at the size of some of the work boots sitting outside the rooms. Next, they were kitted out with a hard hat and a high viz jacket. These were very stylish but a little bit big for some of the children. Then, Brian showed everyone one of the JCB Loadall and all the children got to have a go at seeing what it would be like to drive it. Tom, the chef, made some amazing chocolate donuts. Lastly, Galliford Try gave the Class 1 and Playgroup two sets of Bob the Builder books that they had thoughtfully bought for us before coming to Tristan. The children really enjoyed these books.

The following week, Class 2, 3, 4 and 5 visited the hospital site. Mark also gave them a tour of the living quarters and then they put on the hard hats and high viz jackets so they could be safe on the site. Class 2 and 3 enjoyed hopping onto Bryan's JCB for a quick photo shoot. Because Class 2,3 ,4 and 5 were a bit older, Mark took them inside the new hospital and explained the layout of all the different rooms. He showed them where the doctors would work and where the patients would stay and the purpose of the other rooms. He explained how some rooms had special walls depending on the medical equipment that would be used in there. The roof was almost finished as well. The children were shown offices where Galliford Try have all the plans and shown an artist's representation of what the hospital will look like when it is finished. There was also a gym with equipment for the Galliford boys to use to keep fit and they told the school that when they finish the project they'll be leaving it for the islanders to use. Then, before the classes left, they also got some of Tom's awesome donuts to finish the tour. When Class 2 and 3 visited it was Tom's birthday so the children sang Happy Birthday.

Everyone really enjoyed seeing how the hospital is coming together and is looking forward to visiting again soon. Thank you, Galliford Try!

Project leader Mark showing pupils around the site and enjoying the JCB Loadall.
Young pupils enjoying their visit,
and Head Teacher Anne Green
at the steering wheel of a JCB.
Class 4 and Class 5 with Kate (Galliford Try Community Liaison), Mr Mark and Mr Lamont