Celebrating Jonathan Repetto's recovery from serious illness and his continuing effort to improve his health.

Jonathan's Story

By Dr Silvia Paz and Jonathan Repetto

Jonathan RepettoJonathan Repetto is a cheerful and talented young man who very much loved by the community of Tristan da Cunha. For many years he has struggled with his body weight which was affecting his health and his quality of life.

In March 2020 Jonathan was very sick with lung and heart problems requiring oxygen and a special breathing machine for use at night, due to the high chance that he could stop breathing. Although he became a bit better, his life was not the same, he was only able to walk short distances and it was difficult to work or even do his normal routine.

Jonathan understood that losing weight was the only choice to sustain his life. He received enormous support from the Healthcare Team as well as from his family and friends, but only his strong will power could achieve his goal.

On Friday 25th of September 2020, Jonathan had a serious heart attack and he was promptly brought to the Hospital where he "arrested". The health team at Camogli Hospital worked for hours on him, performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. Miraculously, Jonathan came back. He woke up with his big smile and his usual jokes, praising the Lord and thanking others for his return.

Outside the emergency room, his family and friends cried with delight to hear the great news. It was a very special moment for those that could witness such an emotional scene. Jonathan has since travelled to Cape Town on the SA Agulhas II to see the specialist cardiologist there.

Jonathan is a new man; he is looking fantastic. He has lost 45 kg (in 6 months) and everybody can notice it!

Jonathan is a hero to us - a man with a will of steel, who can conquer any challenge and recover his own heath by changing his lifestyle. We are so proud of him!