Held in St Mary's Church for the whole community

2022 Remembrance Sunday Service

Report and photos from Kelly Green

Acting Administrator / Chief Islander James Glass (right) leading prayers
alongside Deputy Chief Islander Rodney Green.
Both had earlier laid the wreaths at the altar behind, also shown more clearly in the photo below left.

This year, on Remembrance Sunday 13th November, the joint community service was held by St Mary's Church.

Carlene Glass-Green conducted a beautiful service and told the story to the congregation of how the poppy flower became the symbol of remembrance.

There was a two minute silence kept, but above the deadly still inside the church, you could hear the rain lightly beating on the church roof.

As it was so wet the congregation did not process to the flag pole outside the Prince Philip Hall as usual. Instead, Acting Administrator / Chief Islander James Glass and Deputy Chief Islander Rodney Green laid the wreaths at the altar.

Rodney read the poem 'In Flanders Field' and James said the prayers.

General view in St Mary's Church during the 2022 Remembrance Sunday Service.
The Tristan da Cunha community always joins together as one congregation on Remembrance Sunday, with St Mary's Anglican and St Joseph's Catholic Church taking it in turns to host the joint service. In 2022, the Tristan Government wreath was laid by Chief Islander James Glass as he was also Acting Administrator on that date; The Tristan Community wreath, usually laid by the Chief Islander, was laid by Deputy Chief Islander Rodney Green.