Photographs of the birthday celebrations of Tristan da Cunha islanders during 2013.

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We now receive so many family news items that we will in future have a separate Birthday News page as well as the regular Tristan Family News Page. Birthday celebrations before 2013 can be found on the following family news pages:
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Deanna Rogers' 5th Birthday
Report and photos from Tina Glass

Deanna's 5th birthday was 28th December
when these photos were taken at her party.

Above: Deanna with her cousins Ryan Swain (left),
Kieran Glass (right) and Kailey Swain (front).

Deanna with her cake and birthday buffet behind
Lynette Green's 16th Birthday
was celebrated on 7th December even though she was 16 later on 27th December
Photos from Marc Escudier

Kelly Swain, Lynette Green, Lynda Green

Lynette Green and Dean Repetto

Patrick Green, Lynette Green, Marion Green, Dean Repetto,
Kelly Swain, Albert Green, Linda Green
Lynette Green and her parents Marion and Albert

Kailey's 1st Birthday
Photos and Report from Tina Glass

Kailey Swain's 1st birthday was on 28th October but was celebrated at a party on 7th December.

Photos show:

Above - Kailey with her cake

Right - Kailey with her father Clifton and mother Maria in their lovely home
with a colourful birthday wall display
and a wonderful spread of food. - so well worth waiting for.

See also report on Kailey's Christening on the Family News Page.

Chantelle and Maya's Joint Party
Report and photos from Carl Lander

Left: Birthday Girls Chantelle (right)
and Maya (centre)
with Chantelle's sister Katie (left).

Far Left: The party finished with an impromptu song from Katie Repetto

St Mary's classmates Chantelle Repetto and new islander, Maya Lander
had a joint birthday party on 13th November to mark their birthdays. After the normal party games the children all wanted the traditional pillow dance. Both mums, Geraldine Repetto and Maria Teresa Lander finished the afternoon exhausted but in high spirits.

Dylan Green (centre and right) commits to the flour game and comes up smiling along with Tristan Glass (left)


Larry Swain's 40th Birthday Party

Although Larry was 40 on 13th June his birthday was celebrated with a party on 24th October

Photos from Tina Glass show:

Above Left ~
Larry with his wife Tracy and daughters Kelly and Shannon

Above Right ~
Larry with his godchildren Left to Right
Linda Green, Cedric Swain, Leo Glass, Larry, Clifton Repetto,
Jade Repetto, Leanne Swain.

Left ~
Larry with his sister Dawn

Barton Green's 80th Birthday

was celebrated on 10th September ahead of the actual day three days later to avoid clashing with many Agulhas events.

Photos of Uncle Barton
and his cake
from Tina Glass

Stan and Jean's Joint Birthday Party

Stanley Swain celebrated his 65th Birthday on Friday 23rd August and is pictured left with his wife Jean whose 60th birthday is on 23rd September, but was celebrated during this special party.

Photo and report from Tina Glass

Evelyn's 70th Birthday
Evelyn Hagan celebrated her 70th birthday on 30th July
Photos from Tina Glass

Evelyn with her Godchildren
Lorraine Repetto, Dawn Repetto
and Kevin Glass.

Piers and Evelyn with their sons Colin and Karl and their grand-daughter Kaitlyn

Evelyn with her husband Piers

Betty's 65th Birthday
Betty Rogers celebrated her 65th birthday on 22nd April
Photo s from Tina Glass
show left Betty with her brother
Henry and mother Helen
and right Betty with her cake
Eric Glass' 65th Birthday
A party was held on Monday 15th July to celebrate Eric Glass' 65th birthday.
Photos from Tina Glass show Eric with family and friends.

Eric with his Manchester United cake

Eric with his father Andrew

Eric with his Godchildren
Left to Right Justin Green, Eric with his cake, Stephanie
Glass, Ramon Repetto
(absent Ian Lavarello)

Brian Rogers' 70th Birthday

Brian Rogers was 70 on 20th June 2013.
Photos from Tina Glass show Brian with his family and friends at the party.

Brian with his wife Peggy and grand-daughter Kaitlyn Hagan

Brian with his Godchildren Left to Right;
Cliff Swain, Riaan Repetto,
Brian with his cake, Grant Green, Deanna Rogers and Denise Rogers.

Brian with Kaitlyn, Peggy, daughter Julia and her husband Karl Hagan

Philip Rogers 21st Birthday

Philip celebrated his 21st Birthday
on Saturday 1st June ahead of his actual birthday the following day

Photos from Tina Glass

Glenda Swain, Philip and Lucas Swain

Philip with his godchild Kailey Swain

Philip with his godchildren, Chantelle Repetto, Calvin Green and Amber Repetto

Philip with his sister Donna Green, and parents Patrick and Denise Rogers

Philip with his grandparents
Caroline and Anthony Rogers

Rebecca Rogers' 65th Birthday
was celebrated on 15th May
Report and photos from Dawn Repetto

Rebecca with her birthday cake

Rebecca with her husband Eddie, daughter Tanya, and son-in-law Andrew Green.

Rebecca and Eddie Rogers

Minnie Glass' 65th Birthday
was on 1st May but as Doris Swain's funeral was being held that day
the celebration was postponed until the following day

Photos from Emma Swain show
Left: Minnie with her mother Bertha
Right: Minnie with her son Kevin and Emma's son Ryan Swain




Patricia Repetto's 70th Birthday
was held on 29th April

Photos from Anita Repetto and Report from Desi Repetto

Above Left:
Pat with great-grandsons
Aiden (right) and Lucas

Above Right:
Pat with daughters Desi (left with Aiden) and Noelene (right with Lucas)

Below Left:
Patricia with husband Peter

Below Right:
Pat with grand-children
Glenda and Eugene.


Rogers Family Birthdays
Photos and report from Carlene Glass-Green

Ronald Rogers celebrated his 65th birthday on 27th April
Ronald is seen left with his wife Stella and his cake made by Poppy Lavarello which features a model of Ronald's Caves camping hut 'Traveller's Rest'.
In the centre photo Ronald and Stella are pictured with Grandson Justin, Son-in-law Grant, daughter Carlene & Calum Green.

Carlene has also just sent this photo
of her mother Stella Rogers
celebrating her 70th birthday
on 15th November 2012.
Stella's cake was made by Kirsty Green.

Ches' 70th Birthday Celebrated
Report and photos from Tina Glass
Ches Lavarello's 70th birthday party was postponed from his actual 70th birthday on 19th January
until Friday 26th April as his son Duncan and family were then in Cape Town.
So, as the family did for Ches' 65th birthday, the party was held later.

Ches with his cake

Ches is one of the intrepid group
of Tristan pensioners who have recently
built the Tristan Thatched House Museum
and he can be seen in many of the construction photos - see the
Thatched House Museum
pages for details.

Ches with his family:
Left to Right Shane Green (grandson), Duncan Lavarello (son), Ches,
Jack Green (son in law)
Ches' wife Jeanette Lavarello,
Cynthia Green (daughter),
Jackie Lavarello (daughter in law)
Absent was daughter Karen Lavarello Schreier and grand children, Janine
Lavarello, Alessia and Chiara Schreier.

Ches with his godchildren
Left to Right: Christopher Swain, Andrew Green, Ches, Ricky Swain,
Vera Glass.
Other godchildren who were absent in the photo are Gary Repetto, Danny
Swain, Julian Swain and Lorna Lavarello.

Aiden's 1st Birthday
celebrated on Saturday 13th April
Report and photos from Tina Glass

Left: Grandparents Judy Green (with cake), Ken Green and Desiree Repetto with parents Eugene and Kirsty (holding Aiden).

Right: Eugene, Aiden and Kirsty

Far left:
Aiden with
Peter and Pat Repetto

Aiden with
great grandmother
Gladys Lavarello

Amanda Swain's 40th Birthday
was celebrated on 20th March

Photos from Tina Glass show ~

Left: Godparents, Sheila Glass,
Jane Repetto, Amanda , Barney Swain
and Francesca Green

Right: Brothers and sisters ~
Desmond and Grant Green
Linda Lavarello, Lillie Swain, Amanda, Teresa Green
( Samantha Swain absent in Cape Town)

Godchildren Calvin Green, Poppy Lavarello, Katie Repetto, Steve
Swain, Amanda Swain.
( Natalie Swain absent in Cape Town)

Amanda and her husband Ricky Swain

Amanda and father James Green

Jenny Green
celebrated her
40th birthday
Saturday 9th February

from Tina Glass

Jenny flanked by her Godchildren
Michelle Green and Danny Swain
and in front
Calum and Julie Green

Jenny Green's 40th Birthday

Jenny with her sisters
Judith (left) and Louisa (right)

Judy's 60th Birthday
Judy Green celebrated her 60th birthday on 16th January
Photos from Tina Glass

Judy with her mother
Gladys Lavarello

Judy and husband
Ken Green

Judy with her grandchildren Aiden Repetto, Sasha Green, Chloe Glass,
and Jamie Green
( Rachel Green absent in Cape Town)

Judy with her daughters
Kirsty Green, Natasha Glass, and Vanessa Lavarello
Judy's son Martin was in Cape Town

Frances Green celebrates her 90th birthday on 25th January
Pictures and report from Tina Glass

Frances with her sister Gladys Lavarello

Frances with her cake

Frances with her daughter Rosalie, son Timothy Green, and grandchildren Dion and Matthew Green