Tristanian Ian (Repetto) Brown, now living in the UK, has forged links with Camogli, Italy, the home of town of the founders of Tristan's Repetto and Lavarello families.

Camogli Link 2006 to 2014

Tristan da Cunha - Camogli Link Page
The Tristan - Italian link was forged in October 1892 when the barque Italia caught alight and was wrecked at Stony Beach.
Camogli citizens Petty Officer Andrea Repetto and his colleague Gaetano Lavarello settled down on Tristan da Cunha
and their descendents form important families on the island today.
The Italians were the last permanent male settlers to arrive in the world's most remote community.

Camogli Museum enhances Tristan da Cunha Displays
Report and photos from Ian Brown

Ian Brown returned to Camogli in September 2013 and has sent us these two photographs of the updated Tristan display cabinets in the Camogli Museum. The older cabinet (shown left) is very old, of important local historical value and sealed and so has remain untouched. A second cabinet (shown right) contains items that Ian has provided. Soon a new touch screen is to be added so that visitors can get all the information about the displays and read documents. The Museum has been doing a lot to support the Tristan da Cunha Association by giving out our promotional leaflets and so encouraging visitors to join. A new leaflet is being published in October 2013 and Ian will arrange for this to be available at the museum in the future. Ian continues with his genealogy research into the Repetto and Lavarello families and we look forward to further news of this in the future.

Repetto Family Re-Union in England July 2013
Report and images from Ian Brown

Aldo Repetto and his wife Graziella visited Ian ( Repetto) Brown in July 2013. Aldo’s great grandfather is the brother of Andrea Repetto’s father Agostino. Ian and Aldo met when Ian was in Camogli tracing the genealogy of the Repetto Family, Although Aldo lived and worked in London for many years it was Graziella’s first trip to the UK. They have visited the many tourist attractions in London and spent a day with Ian and his daughter Emily visiting Windsor Castle and the City of Oxford.

Aldo and Graziella Repetto
enjoying London on 23rd July
A view of Camogli taken by Ian in 2010
Aldo and Graziella with Ian and Emily in Windsor on 24th July

They returned to Camogli on Sunday 28th July having enjoyed their stay in England and enjoyed the glorious weather England has been having. Ian will be visiting Camogli at the beginning of September for the celebrations in Recco honouring Our Lady of the Suffrage famous throughout Italy for the grandeur of the firework displays that illuminate the sky each year on 7th and 8th September.

Ian Brown's September 2012
Camogli Visit

Ian is a great-grandson of Camogli native
and Tristan settler Andrea Repetto
- see below for Ian's previous
Camogli visits.

Ian and Mandy in Camogli
on 21st September

Report and Pictures from Ian Brown

Storms produce high seas on
25th September

Ian and Mandy Brown returned to Camogli in September 2012. They had a lovely time in Camogli as even though it was the end of September the temperature was still in the 20's. They were met with Gianfranco's mother Rosa Repetto and the rest of the family who made them most welcome and laid on a huge spread for them.

It was a shame they had to leave on the 27 th September because the Museum was holding a Cultural Day which was mainly aimed at Tristan, but unfortunately they couldn't change flight arrangements.

Bruno had a slide show containing various pictures and documents that Ian gave to the Museum for the event. Ian delivered Tristan Association leaflets and it is hoped some of the 90 people who attended may join the Association.

Ian and Mandy plan a further Camogli visit in June 2013 to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

The Tristan da Cunha
display case in the
Camogli Museo Marinaro
pictured on 29th September

Right: The poster
advertising the Camogli - Tristan da Cunha Day event on 29th September

Museum Director Bruno Sacella
explaining the Camogli-Tristan link
during the event
on 29th September 2012

Photographs in this section from local newspaper Il Secolo XIX’s Osvaldo Ciotti

Report and images from Ian Brown on his visit to Camogli in March 2012
Ian, who is the great-grandson of Andrea Repetto, was born on Tristan in 1959 and now lives in Buckinghamshire, England.

I have been visiting the Ligurian village of Camogli for a number of years whilst researching my great-grandfather, Andrea Repetto, and the family history. I started off by writing to all Repetto's in the village explaining my interest and asking if any of them knew of a Tristan connection and was fortunate enough to be contacted by Aldo Repetto and Sara Repetto. Further research showed him to be a cousin. We met on my first visit to Camogli and a friendship built up as he was also interested in the family history. The village has a museum with an area dedicated to Tristan and the curator was delighted to meet a direct descendant of Andrea Repetto, however the display was looking dated and I suggested I contact my uncle Ernest Repetto on the island and see if any items could be sent over.

At the Fawley Tristan Gathering in November 2011 I was able to speak to Ian Lavarello and asked him if he would help gather some Tristan items for the Camogli Museum. He was keen to improve the links between Tristan and Camogli and realised that my family connection would benefit everyone. In December I emailed Dawn Repetto and she replied saying that she had posted a parcel to me containing various Tristan handicrafts and a letter from the administrator to be presented to the Mayor of Camogli.

Photo taken in the
Town Hall Boardroom
From left to right:
Gianfranco Repetto, Graziella Capilli, Giovanni Battista Repetto (child),
Ian Brown, Aldo Repetto, Ombretta Repetto, Mayor Italo Mannucci,
Museum Director Bruno Sacella.

I received the parcel and contacted Aldo to ask for his help arranging the presentation and, fortunately, the Mayor is a cousin on his mother’s side. I also contacted Riccardo from the Registry Office who has been very helpful in helping with Andrea's records and whose cousin, Gianfranco Repetto, is also a cousin of ours and interested in his Tristan ancestry. The Mayor, Italo Mannucci, is also the local doctor so the presentation was arranged for Saturday 17th March at the Town Hall.

Photos taken on 17th March 2012
showing Ian -

Presenting a Tristan model longboat
to Museum Director Bruno Sacella

Receiving a gift on behalf of the Tristan community from the Mayor of Camogli

I was accompanied by Aldo, Graziella (Aldo's partner) and Ombretta (Aldo's daughter). We were met by Riccardo who showed us to the Mayor’s office. At the Sala del Consiglio of Camogli (Boardroom) were the Mayor and various council members, the Curator Bruno Sacella and his aide, Louise Paris, Gianfranco Repetto and his son, and two newspaper reporters. Gifts were exchanged, photos taken and messages of thanks read out. In an interview with the reporters I think the message of unity between Tristan and Camogli was conveyed.

The Tristan handicrafts organised by Dawn Repetto were ~
Wool Skeins from Joan Repetto, Trina Repetto and Agnes Lavarello;
Model Longboat made by Jimmy Rogers; Bullock hide moccasins made by Jack Green;
Gents socks knitted by Martha Glass and various souvenirs which will all now be displayed in Camogli Museum

Text of Ian's message as he made the presentation:
'These hand-made gifts are presented to the Museum of Camogli by Ian Brown Repetto, Great-grandson of Andrea Repetto on behalf of the people of Tristan da Cunha who wish to continue the strong links between both communities'

Central Camogli
of the Tristan Link

The entrance to Camogli's Library and Museum shows the plaques indicate:
the Largo Tristan da Cunha
and a commemoration of the
Camogli-Tristan family link

Views of Camogli taken during Ian's 2010 visit

Left: Christmas image from Camogli received on Christmas Eve 2008

Auguri di Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo.

Gherardo Rapallo from

Check out these Italian websites to discover more : ~ Website for the Camogli Region
Society of Sea Captains and Naval Engineers of Camogli in Italy ~

Introduction to Camogli

Camogli is a small Italian fishing village and tourist resort located in the province of Genoa on the Italian Riviera. The name has a double meaning in Italian. The first translation, "houses close together," is apparent when you stroll through the town's narrow streets, which are lined by tall columns of pastel-coloured homes. The second meaning, "houses of wives," is not so obvious; it refers to the sea captains, sailors & fishermen's wives, who traditionally spent their time at home while their husbands were out at sea. Camogli had 5,700 inhabitants in 2008.

Camogli is beautifully situated sheltered port in the Gulf of Genoa, some 7 kms (5 miles) from Genoa City. It is backed by the Ligurian Apennine Mountains.

Scenes in Camogli :
Left : Showing the 2007 Christmas Tree
Above : Boats in the harbour
Left : images of Camogli rom
Gherardo Rapallo representing whose initiative first inspired this page in 2008 and who set up the Tristan da Cunha page on the Genoa website.
Tristan Photograph chosen for Camogli Society Christmas Card

Seasons Greetings postcard which shows a picture of Tristan da Cunha.
This image won the 1st prize in the Photo Contest (see held by the Society of Ship Captains and Naval Engineers based in Camogli in Italy.

We are grateful to Carlo Gatti President of Society of Ship Captains and Naval Engineers - Camogli, Italy who sent this card on 21st December 2006.