Tristanian Ian (Repetto) Brown and Joy Stoffberg (nee Repetto) now living abroad met in Camogli, Italy, the home of town of the founders of Tristan's Repetto and Lavarello families.

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The Tristan - Italian link was forged in October 1892 when the barque Italia caught alight and was wrecked at Stony Beach. Camogli citizens Petty Officer Andrea Repetto and his colleague Gaetano Lavarello settled down on Tristan da Cunha and their descendents form important families on the island today. The Italians were the last permanent male settlers to arrive in the world's most remote community.

Pilgrimage to her Grandfather’s Home Town

Joy Stoffberg visits Camogli

Report and Photos from Ian Brown

Ian and Joy, left, during a family gathering, right featured in a local newspaper feature with the words:
Nel Borgo Degli Avi (In the village of his ancestors) and
Da Tristan a Camogli abbraccio dopo 50 anni
( By Tristan in Camogli hug after 50 years).

It was Joy Stoffberg (nee Repetto)’s long dream to visit Camogli where her granddad Andrea Repetto was born. Joy was helped by her relative Ian Brown to make accommodation and travel arrangements. After spending Christmas with Gino’s daughter Brigette in Dubai, Joy and Gino travelled to Italy for a holiday in January. They arrived on Thursday 15th January, hired a car for the drive from Milan to Camogli and there met Ian in nearby Recco.

Ian, who was born on Tristan, hadn’t seen Joy for 50 years when he was five years old, so it was a wonderful reunion for them both. Ian joined Joy, Gino, Brigette and driver Riadh travelled together to ensure Joy and Gino arrived safely at their Camogli hotel.

Photos above show family members gathered at Tessy Repetto's house on 16th January

Ian made plans for them to visit the museum to see the new Tristan exhibit on the Friday morning, followed by a trip to Portifino. Here Ian and Joy were interviewed by Gianfranco’s boss for the Parco di Portifino magazine and there followed a family meal at Tessy Repetto’s House. On Saturday 17th January there was a gathering at the museum, attended by the Mayor of Camogli, and including an exchange of gifts.

Finally another family meal was held at Rosa Repetto’s house (another one of the Repetto Relatives) before Joy and her family drove back to Milan to take a flight to Rome before flying on to Cape Town later.
Photo left shows family members gathered at Rosa Repetto's house on 17th January.

Above: In the museum the new Tristan exhibit is now complete with a computerised photo booth. The description is in Italian English and French because the money was donated by France and they wanted French added.

The picture of Joy and Eugene (Gino) in Portifino

Ian has been busy over the last ten years investigating the Repetto family genealogy. He has found a few documents, for example birth and marriage certificates etc and has discovered that Andrea Repetto had a sister Caterina and a Brother Giovanni Battista. So far Gianfranco and Ian, with the help of his cousin Rici, have found new relatives and descendants dating back to 1700. Andrea Repetto’s great-grandparents living then were named Andrea Repetto and Maria Olivari.

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!

Gherardo Rapallo has sent another message and photos of his beautiful home which was shared by Gaetano Lavarello and Andrea Repetto before they settled on Tristan da Cunha in 1892.

On 2nd January he wrote:

I wish you a Happy New Year!
I send you some pictures of Camogli; there are the Christmas lights at the sunset.

Happy Holidays!

Molte grazie Gherado per le tue splendide foto