In September 2015, Harold Green returned to Gough Island, sixty years after he joined the Gough Island Scientific Survey in 1955/1956.

Harold Green returns to Gough Island

Sixty Years after the Gough Island Scientific Survey which he joined in 1955/1956

Photo from Michelle Risi taken in September 2015 showing Harold Green (right) up at Gonydale on Gough Island
with Tristan Administrator Alex Mitham and the South African Department for Environment Affairs DCO Zaid Watson (centre).

SA Agulhas II left Cape Tpwn on 3rd September and on arriving at Tristan on 8th September was joined by Tristan Conservation Officer George Swain who will carry out the annual inspection of the South African Base on behalf of the Tristan Government. Accompanying him was veteran Gough expert Harold Green, now aged 81.

Harold, together with fellow islander Ernie Repetto, joined the Gough Island Scientific Survey (GISS) for their pioneering visit to Gough Island 1955/1956. It was sixty years this month that the young team aboard HMS Magpie arrived at Tristan on 30th September, where they remained until the arrival of the fishing vessel Tristania in November which then transported them to Gough. It is significant that the expedition led to the first South African Meteorological Station in May 1956 when SAS Transvaal, a forerunner of SA Agulhas II, also brought the expedition back to Cape Town via Tristan.

Above: The GISS Team at The Glen - Left to Right:
Tristan Islanders Harold Green and Ernest Repetto,
Roger Le Maitre, John Heaney, James Hall, Philip Mullock,
Nigel Wace, JJ Van der Merve, Michael Swales, Martin Holdgate
The GISS Base at The Glen, situated above Quest Bay,
looking to Dell Rocks, named for Shackleton’s boatswain.
Harold washing and Ernie drying up
(Photos from the 1955/56 GISS)