News about Gough Island, which lies 350 kms (220 miles) SSE of Tristan da Cunha.

SA Agulhas II arrives at Gough as project starts in earnest

Helicopters, bait and team members offloaded to Gough Island
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SA Agulhas II sails for Gough

Mouse eradication project set to move to final phase
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Tragic scene on Gough Island as adult albatross killed by mice

2021 mice eradication project's importance brought into focus
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SV Urchin Returns from Gough Island

The yacht SV Urchin stopped at Tristan on 27th March 2021 on its way back home from Gough Island.
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Yacht SV Urchin Calls at Tristan on the Way to Gough Island

The yacht SV Urchin stopped at Tristan on the 19th March 2021 to pick up islanders for the Gough Restoration Programme.
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Second Restoration Team Sails to Gough Island

The yacht Pelagic Australis has delivered second Gough Restoration Programme team from Cape Town to Gough Island.
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Gough Restoration Programme 2021 Start

The postponed restoration programme has resumed in 2021 with the first team members arriving at Gough Island.
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Stamp issue: The Sword of Peace

Stamps commemorating 50 years since the award of the Sword of Peace to RFA Ennerdale for its part in an emergency search operation at Gough Island.
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RSPB announce programme to go ahead in 2021

Long-awaited project to eliminate seabird-eating invasive mice ready to go.
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