Vessel hits a rock - all aboard rescued

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MFV Geo Searcher wrecked off Gough Island

Disaster off Gough Island

Report from Tristan Administrator Steve Townsend
at 17.00 GMT on Thursday 15th October 2020

We have been informed that early this morning the Geo Searcher hit a rock off Gough Island.  The vessel has now sunk.

The crew have been evacuated, and are going ashore to the weather station on Gough Island.  The two islanders who were on board the Geo Searcher as Fisheries Observers are safe.

We will keep you informed of further events.

MFV Geo Searcher

MFV Geo Searcher off Tristan in 2019

Photo from Ian Lavarello showing the MFV Geo Searcher off Nightingale Island
on 19th September 2020 during the fateful voyage which ended so tragically
on Thursday 15th October when the vessel hit a rock, sank and was wrecked off Gough Island.
Former Chief Islander Ian Lavarello is one of the fishery observers who were rescued from the stricken vessel.

About MFV Geo Searcher

MFV Geo Searcher was acquired by Ovenstone in 2016. It was originally built in 1982 for scientific research vessel and was converted in Gdansk, Poland, to a factory freezer vessel with cargo and passenger capacity. It made its maiden voyage to Tristan in April 2017 as the island's main fishing vessel.


1853 gross tonnes
69.2 metres long
12.8 metres wide (beam)