News and photos of recent yacht visits to the world's most remote community.

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Sail Ho!

Was the traditional cry when a sailing vessel was sighted off Tristan and the prospect of trade created excitement in the village. Today Tristan is a popular port of call for the few intrepid yacht crews that brave South Atlantic waters. This page highlights recent vists by yachts.

If you are thinking about yachting to Tristan, please read the Information for Visiting Ships and Yachts first. You will be made very welcome, but you should not just arrive without prior notice.

Visit of the MS Ambience, April 2024

The cruise ship MS Ambience visited Tristan on the 10th April 2024.
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Page Updated: Tristan da Cunha Visitors' Feedback

Feedback from visitors to Tristan da Cunha.
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Visit of the Cruise Ship MS Seaventure, March 2024

The cruise ship MS Seaventure visited Tristan from the 29th to 31st March 2024
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Three ships visit Tristan on the 19th March 2024

The cruise ships National Geographic Explorer and SH Vega, and the ketch Tecla visited Tristan on the 19th March 2024.
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Further details of the sinking of the yacht Nina Pope

More information on the loss of the 'Nina Pope'two days after her visit to Tristan.
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Tragic Sequel to the Visit by Yacht Nina Pope

The yacht 'Nina Pope' sank in a storm on the 14th March 2024, two days after she visited Tristan.
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