Walks and climbs are popular with visitors, but local guides are essential once you leave the settlement plain. Other activities include boat trips to Nightingale, fishing and golf.

Tristan da Cunha has a range of activities and excursions that can be planned for individuals and groups featuring a personal and bespoke service using experienced Islanders as guides.
All enquiries for excursions should be made to Tourism Co-ordinator Dawn Repetto: tourism@tdc-gov.com

< Photograph of Inaccessible Island from Nightingale North Landing

1. Fishing Permits
Prior permission is required for any fishing activities in Tristan waters. Applications to permit recreational fishing by passengers or crew during the period of the vessel’s visit should be submitted to Head of Natural Resources Department. Licences issued will be subject to certain conditions which must be strictly observed. A licence fee of £50 will be charged for visiting cruise ships.

2. Golf
The Tourism Co-Ordinator can arrange a golf package, including golf tie, golf certificate, score card and a play on the course for £20.

3. Taxi Hire
Local vehicles and drivers are available for hire at passengers’ risk for trips between the Settlement and the Patches. (No insurance is available to permit self-drive hire). The current charge for a return trip is £5 per passenger.

4. Boat Trips
Weather conditions permitting, local boats are available for hire for offshore fishing, or for trips around Tristan or to Nightingale Island.

5. Walks & Climbs
The walk to the Patches takes about 30 minutes along a tarmac road. A walk, with a local guide, to the summit of the 1961 volcano also takes about 30 minutes. A climb to the Base, or to the Peak must be arranged in advance with the Tourism Co-ordinator.

Tristan's Peak Challenge
Jeff Shea arranged a climb from the Settlement to the top of Queen Mary's Peak on 17th March 2006.

< Jeff's photo. of the route up the cliffs behind the Settlement.

Jeff's photo. of his Tristan guides
Gerry & Wayne. >


< Jeff's photograph showing the route to the summit crater

A winter photograph from Queen Mary's Peak showing a frozen peak pond in full sun above the clouds >

Link to The Peak Page

6. Local Guides
For their own health and safety, and for wildlife conservation reasons, visitors must be accompanied by a local guide for any trips on Tristan away from the Settlement/Patches area, or for landings on, or zodiac trips around, the other Islands. Current guide fees are based on fees for guides and divided by the number in any party.

Peak Trip £200 for two guides

Base Trips £120 for two guides; £60 for one guide (depending on severity of trip / number of walkers)

Rockhoppers hopping on the rocks
These Rockhopper Penguins are pictured as they group waiting to return to sea after their annual moulting in January. They are able to leap onto and 'hop' up the sheer and smooth rocks on Nightingale Island, but even Rockhoppers probably prefer a sandy beach for an easier landing. A possible visit to Nightingale, or seeing Rockhoppers on Tristan will be a highlight of a well-planned trip to Tristan da Cunha.

< Photograph of Tristan da Cunha from Nightingale Island

7. Local Guides - Cruise Ship Visits to Nightingale
Vessels wishing to land passengers at Nightingale Island, or to conduct Zodiac trips around Nightingale or Inaccessible, must first call at Tristan to obtain clearance and embark local guides at ratio of one guide to 8 participating passengers. In the case of landings, each guide will be in charge of a landing party. The Visits Liaison Officer or nominee aboard the vessel will act as operations co-ordinator and advise on whether the proposed activities should proceed depending on weather or sea conditions. If cancelled for any reason, each guide is to receive a payment of £20 to compensate for loss of earnings. Guides must be returned to Tristan before nightfall.
Please note that whilst every effort has been made to make information of these pages accurate, the Government of Tristan da Cunha reserves the right to change local by-laws and charges. Visitors should check firm prices at the time of booking.