2013 education and activities news from St Mary's School, Tristan da Cunha and Tristanians studying overseas.
End of Term Award Giving Assembly
Report and photos from Dawn Repetto

Amber Repetto receiving her award

Head Teacher Anne Green
preparing to present the
'Top House' Trophy to Inaccessible

Callum Green receiving his award

Nathan Swain with his award

Janice Green receiving her award

Deanna Rogers receiving her award

Kieran Glass receives an
award for swimming

Dylan Green receiving the
Cup for Endeavour

Leo Glass receiving his award

Head Teacher Anne Green presented prizes for, most awards in each class, swimming achievements, the cup awarded to the child for Endeavour (this term presented to Dylan Green) the House Shield for most house points awarded to Inaccessible.
At the end of the end of term assembly Anne said goodbye to teacher Sharon Glass who will be leaving St Mary's School and wished Lynette Green farewell as she will be leaving school to start her youth experience.

Michelle Campbell (the wife of PWD Director Drew Campbell) led an initiative to get some of the pupil's mothers together
to make biscuits and sing Holy Night Silent Night to St Mary's School Children.
Not all mothers could make it but they all sent in biscuits to be distributed to every child.
Photos show, left Michelle with Anne Green, centre and right the ladies' choir singing at the start of the special assembly.




School Christmas Party

Photographs and report of the
Christmas Party
held on Wednesday 18th December
from Carl Lander

At break time children assembled in the school hall for their Christmas Party. Ms Poppy, Kelly and Ann-Marie entertained them with various games until it was time for lunch. Ms Sharon, who had coordinated the proceedings presented jellies, sausages, ice cream and all manner of wonderful snacks served by staff .

After lunch, more games and prizes followed until the end of school whence everyone lent a hand to clear up.

Thank you to Lorraine for opening the shop so items could brought and thank you to school staff for organising and entertaining the children. Now onto the staff party on Friday!

St Mary's School Christmas Concert
held on Monday 16th December

Photos from Dawn Repetto
and Report from Carl Lander

Before the curtain's draw back,

here is the programme >

The school hall was full by 6.15. Ms Anne, Headteacher greeted parents. Eager friends and families chattered as pupils and students nervously made their final. As the curtain opened Class 3,4 and 5 performed their dance and as the hurried from the stage they could be heard commenting on the size of the ordinance and how many had turned out to see them.

The Main play began with some great casting with Leo as a bossy King assisted by his pushy enforcers Dis (Rhyanna) and Dat (Luis Enrique). Between scenes Class 1 & 2 then melted hearts with their song and dance 'Jelly on a plate' closely followed by 'Don't blame it on the boogie'.

At the end of the Play a short sketch written by Kelly entitled 'Holiday on Tristan' saw the audience rolling in the isles as the boys struggled to keep up with the girls on their holiday adventures. The play concluded with the whole cast singing 'We wish you a Merry Christmas'.




The Dance 'Imagine'

by Classes 3, 4 and 5

Choreography by





Bossy King



The Dance
'Jelly on a Plate'

performed by
with classes 1 & 2

Choreography by Sheila




Bossy King






Bossy King






The Dance
'Don't Blame it on the Boogie'

by Classes 1 and 2

Choreography by



Bossy King





Bossy King



Holiday on Tristan Written and Directed by Kelly Burns and performed by Classes 3, 4 & 5


Street Dance to
the song 'Broken'

Choreography by Anne-Marie,
Kelly Burns and Class 5

Performed by Classes 4 & 5



The Whole School


'Merry Christmas'

Mr Carl thanked everyone for attending and supporting the school. He thanked the staff for all their hard work. Ms Poppy and Yvonne had work hard on the costumes. Props and Stage design had been undertaken by Ms Poppy, Ms Ann-Marie, Ms Kelly and Mr Paul whilst Ms Sheila and Ms Julia worked behind the scenes to make sure all ran smoothly. Ms Sharon and Ms Marlene had spent weeks with the pupils directing and rehearsing whilst Ms Ann-Maria, Ms Sheila and Ms Kelly had busied themselves writing, directing and choreographing. A real team effort. Lastly Mr Carl thanked the pupils and students for all their hard work and for a wonderful performance and end to the year.

Handing over to the Administrator, Alex thanked everyone wishing them a Merry Christmas. The audience and school concluded events by singing the national anthem. As family and friends made their exit children received handfuls of gifts and goodies as a great night drew to a close.



Administrator Alex Mitham

thanking staff and pupils for a great show


St Mary's School
leads the appeal
for victims of the
Philippines Typhoon

Incredible success
Sponsored Swim
and Fête





Fund-raising fête
on Sunday 17th November
raised £282




Sponsored Swim
Thursday 21st November
raised £2000

with a further £410.65
donated for the swim via the
justgiving.com website appeal

On Friday 6th December the school presented a cheque for £2000 to Tristan's Administrator Alex Mitham
On receiving the cheque Alex made the following speech:

I am delighted to be able to accept the cheque for £2000. This money will make a real difference to those families including children who have been affected by the tragedy in the Philippines.
To be able to raise this amount of money, in such a short space of time is incredible. I really am filled with admiration in not only what you have achieved swimming all those hundreds of metres, but also in the generosity of all the islanders in raising these funds. You should be very proud of yourselves.
There is a quote that says nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm – well you have shown incredible enthusiasm and have achieved something great. So congratulations and once again thank you on behalf of all those who will benefit from your hard work.
I also want to thank Carl Lander and all the teachers for all their hard work in making this such a success as well.


Shirley Squibb's photos show:

Above: The cheque for £2000
being presented by
Randall Repetto and Kaitlyn Hagan

Right: Alex Mitham with those who took part in the sponsored swim each of whom received a certificate of achievement

Below: A proper
celebration of success deserved.


See the separate Philippines Typhoon Appeal Page for more details

Traveller André Brugiroux's Visit

Photos from Carl Lander show André
with staff and pupils during his visit

Report from Carl Lander
On 3rd December the renowned traveller André Brugiroux visited St Mary's School to talk to the children. Andre started travelling at the age of 17 and has yet to stop. He has spent the last 50 years travelling across continents and oceans and written, and had published, numerous books as he travelled around the world on a dollar a day.

He introduced the children to foreign cultures and traditions whilst also emphasising that in all his travels what had struck him was how similar people were in so many respects. Explaining that he now saw the world as one country and he as a citizen of the world.

The talk was humorous and all present found the idea of global citizenship fascinating.

Editor's Note
André Antoine Brugiroux is a French traveller and author who, between 1955 and 2005, and he claims to have visited every country and territory in the world, the last being Mustang. He was named "greatest living traveller on earth" in 2007 in Jorge Sánchez's list of Viajeros notables contemporaneous (Notable Contemporary Travellers). Nevertheless we understand his visit aboard MV Baltic Trader is his first to Tristan da Cunha, but he has previously visited St Helena.

RMS Visitors Attend St Mary's School for a special concert and award of certificates by Governor Mark Capes
Report from Carl Lander and photos from Shirley Squibb


Over 60 visitors gathered in St Mary's School Hall and were welcomed by Headteacher Anne Green. The curtains drew back and Classes 4 and 5 performed their opening number, a carefully choreographed dance to Imagine. This set the standard for things to come as each class performed pieces from dances to songs. The event was very well received by a grateful audience.

Left: Governor Mark Capes (far right front row) chats with Administrator Alex Mitham before the show. Alex's wife Hasene is next to him.





Scenes from the Show





Carl Lander thanked everyone for attending and gave particular thanks to Michael Swales and the Tristan Association for their ongoing support. He thanked Andreas Reuter who had kindly donated some IT equipment to the school before warmly thanking all staff and students for their hard work.

Mr Carl Lander
St Mary's Pupils and Staff
Mark Capes presents certificates to Riaan Repetto (left) and Caryn Green (centre with Anne Green looking on)
then addresses those present with Caryn and Riaan looking on (right)
Anne Green then introduced the Governor of St Helena and they both presented Riaan Repetto and Caryn Green with their IGCSE and Tristan Studies Certificates. Dawn and the Tourism Team also rewarded the children with a goody bag.

A great day and great effort by all.

St Mary's School Science Laboratory Opens
Report and Photos from Carl Lander

On Thursday 3rd October Professor Peter Ryan opened St Mary's School's new Science Laboratory.
Professor Ryan of the University of Cape Town had been undertaking work
with the South African National Antarctic Programme (SANAP) at Gough Island,
before calling in on Tristan to open the school's science laboratory.

The laboratory represents the culmination of much work from government departments and school staff.
Classes 4 & 5 will use the lab for their lessons as they begin to study towards
IGCSE/BTEC qualifications in Science and Applied Science.
Anne Green (School Head Teacher) will continue to teach children Science in the classrooms,
whilst Renee Green will work alongside the Island's Education Advisor, in the laboratory,
with a view to taking over the delivery of Science in the future.

From next year Science will take its place as a core subject at the school alongside English and Maths.
As well as local funding there have also been donations from Tristan Association members to provide science equipment.

Peter Ryan cuts the tape to officially open the new laboratory with Head Teacher Anne Green standing behind.
Peter Ryan alongside a plaque commemorating
his opening of the laboratory.



Scenes in the new laboratory
show older pupils at work and
younger pupils touring the new facility.



Marina's Surprise Presentation

Marina Burns has spent much time supporting pupils and staff at St Mary's School during her time on Tristan.

Friday 30th August was her last day at school and was marked as pupils gave her a very special surprise by presenting her with a wonderful card and gave her a very attractive necklace as a present.

Marina has thoroughly enjoyed her time helping out at the school and will miss the children.

Education Officer and Head Teacher Anne Green commented:

'Marina has worked at the school on a voluntary basis for the past few years taking each class for an hour per week. Initially this began when Jim Kerr was doing teacher training and this enabled the teachers to attend training sessions. The children look forward to the sessions and loved having Marina and we are very grateful to her for giving up her time to help out at the school. We will all miss her and wish her all the best for the future.'

Photo from Carl Lander shows Marina with pupils
Left to Right - Back row: Rhyanna Swain, Kimmie and Lynette Green, Kelly Swain, Marina, Leanne Swain, Linda Green, Leo Glass.
Middle Row: Chloe Glass, Kaitlyn Hagan, Janice Green,
Luis-Enrique Lander, Randall Repetto, Jamie Glass, Dylan Green,
Tristan Glass, Maya Lander, Kieran Glass.
Front row - Ryan Swain, Calvin Green, Amber Repetto, Shannon Swain,
Callum and Julie Green.

Pupils receive Lions T Shirts
Report and photo from Tina Glass

The De Grendel Lions Club
of South Africa have generously donated T shirts for pupils of St Mary's School which arrived aboard MV Edinburgh on 26th March.

On the following day this photo was
taken showing the pupils in their colourful shirts which in some cases allows plenty of room for growth!

Thanks to the Lions Club and to Jeanne Cowan from Ovenstone for arranging shipment.

The photo shows left to right:
Front Row ~ Shannon Swain, Calvin Green, Amber Repetto, Deanna Rogers, Ryan Swain
2nd Row ~ Dylan Green, Chantelle Repetto, Calum Green, Kieran Glass,Jamie Green, Tristan Glass, Julie Green.
3rd Row ~ Leo Glass, Chloe Glass, Rhyanna Swain, Kaitlyn Hagan, Janice Green, Jade Repetto, Randal Repetto
Back Row ~ Lynette Green, Linda Green, Kimberley Green, Caryn Green, Kelly Swain, Leanne Swain, Riaan Repetto.

Tristan authors presented with their own books
Books written by children who were in classes 3 and 4 at the time which arrived on MV Edinburgh were presented in an assembly at St Mary's School on 27th March 2013. The project was the idea of a visitor from Canada, Angie Littlefield who worked with the pupils for three days during 2012, corresponding later by email and has now sent them printed copies of the books. The children wrote about sheep shearing (for a book called Robert’s Worst Sheep-Shearing Day, EVER) and The Wreck of the MS Oliva.

The photo from Tina Glass shows the eight pupils: Linda Green, Leo Glass, Kelly Swain, Jade Repetto, Rhyanna Swain, Kaitlyn Hagan, Randall Repetto and Janice Green with their books. Report from Anne Green.

Cape Town Students

Rachel Green and Janine Lavarello
started their courses at the Silvermine Academy in Cape Town
in January 2013

This image from Iris Green shows the girls with their parents outside Tristan House in Cape Town on 3rd January 2013
Left to right:
Duncan, Jackie and Janine Lavarello,
Rachel, Iris and Martin Green

We hope both girls enjoy their studies and wish them every success.

Rachel and Janine are the first Tristan da Cunha students to benefit from grants from the Tristan Education Trust Fund
- see our separate Tristan Education Trust Fund and Education Trust Fund Raising to find out more about the Trust.

St Mary’s School Staff and Pupils on 6th December 2012







3 & 4 Years



Sheila Glass

Class 1

5 & 6 Years



Renee Glass and trainee Anne Marie Collins


7 & 8 Years



Yvonne Glass and Julia Hagan

Class 3

9 & 10 Years



Marlene Swain and trainee Poppy Lavarello

Class 4

11 & 12 Years



Sharon Glass (Deputy Headteacher)

Class 5

13-16 Years



Anne Green (Head of Education)


Dilys Green (Librarian) Paul Repetto (Site Manager)

Total Pupils 30



Education Adviser Jim Kerr