2015 education and activities news from St Mary's School, Tristan da Cunha and Tristanians studying overseas.

GCSE Certificates and end of term awards presented
Photos and report from Tina Glass

During an end of term assembly on Friday 18th December, Administrator Alex Mitham presented Kelly Swain and Linda Green
with their International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) certificates awarded by Cambridge University.
He also presented other pupils with certificates and awards for their excellent work this term.

Above Left: Linda and Kelly
with their IGCSE certificates
confirming success in English and Mathematics.

Above Right:
Other pupils who were presented
with certificates and awards were, left to right,
Ryan Swain, Chloe Glass,
Chantelle Repetto, Leo Glass,
Randall Repetto, Callum Green, Lucas Swain
and Jade Repetto (who is holding the trophy
for Nightingale House who won the term's
house points competition).

Left: Jonah the Policeman was also presented with a prize for being the best Footballer at St Mary's School.
Anne Green's photo shows Julie with her prize.

The hugely successful St Mary's School Christmas Concert took place on Monday 14th December
To see more of Dawn Repetto's' photos and a report go to the School Christmas Show 2015 page
Rachel Green's success during her studies at the Silvermine Academy in Cape Town
Photos and report from proud parent and grand-parent Iris and Anne Green

Rachel received a trophy
for her outstanding achievement
in Business and Accounting
which was presented by the Principal
of The Silvermine Academy
in a ceremony shown above.

She also received certificates for high grades in
Mathematics, art and Life Orientation.

Rachel joined some of her school friends at a
shopping mall to promote the Silvermine Academy.

Rachel was unable to travel to Tristan da Cunha for the Christmas holidays as the last ship left on 18th November
and the next ship back to Cape Town is in February.
However, Rachel is travelling to spend Christmas
in the UK and have a trip to Paris.
Bethany Green from BBC Children in Need
has sent this lovely Pudsey receipt photo
to thank the Tristan da Cunha community
for raising £300 for Children in Need
at their inaugural CIN charity
fund-raising event held at the school
on Friday 13th November 2015.

See report and photos
on the Children in Need 2015 page

St Mary's School Report from Head Teacher Anne Green of events in November 2015

Tristan da Cunha Police Assurance Officer, Jonathan Barcio (know here as Jonah), from Gibraltar Police is spending 3 months on the Island. Whilst he is here he has been working with the younger members of the community, running games and activities. He has also worked in the school explaining road safety, care of bicycles, first aid and telling us about life on Gibraltar.

He has brought with him some gifts which will be distributed as prizes during his work with the school.

The children have been very excited about his visit and look forward to seeing much more of Jonah, during his stay here.

Jonah leading games outside with classes 1, 2 and 3.

Jonah cooking a Gibraltarian omelette with class 4.

Rehearsals for school Christmas Play
are well underway and we look
forward to displaying those of the
completed production which
is a highlight of the season every year

School Awards
Ethan Lavarello-Green - Playgroup
Katy Repetto - Class 1
Ryan Swain and Shannon Swain - Class 2
Chantelle Repetto - Class 3
Randall Repetto Class 4
Rhyanna Swain and Janice Green - Class 5

The Peter Day Cup
for Endeavour
went to Callum Green
of Class 3

pictured here
with Head Teacher
Miss Anne
who presented the cup
and other presentations
shown above in the
Awards Assembly.

Dr Brigid came into school
to show us how to make felt Poppies.

We did this as part of our
Remembrance Day studies.

Everyone had a go at sewing a Poppy.

Donations for the Poppies
will be given to the Poppy Fund Collection at the shop

see also the 2015 Church News page
for photos of Remembrance Sunday

On Friday 6th November the teachers had a surprise in Assembly.

They were each handed special
Thank You cards made by their classes.

It is all because the Education Committee of St Helena has designated the day as Teacher Appreciation Day 2015. 
Tristan da Cunha is following their lead.

The photos shows the teachers with their cards.

Tristan Community supports Children in Need

Fund-raising event
held at St Mary's School
on Friday 13th November

See report and photos
on the Children in Need 2015 page

Royal Commonwealth Society Essay Competition
Certificates presented to pupils during a Reception on 25th September
Report and photos from Tina Glass
See also Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition for more details
and the Agulhas 2015 Voyage Page for a further photo.

All those who took part in the competition received certificates -

Left to right - Kaitlyn Hagan, Chloe Glass,
Randal Repetto, Janice Green,
Nathan Swain, Leo Glass,
Jade Repetto and Rhyanna Swain

Nathan is travelling to England with his parents Mark and Paula to take part in 'Winners' Week' 12th - 16th October
and we will publish a new page to chronicle all of the family's tour.

Special Certificates were awarded to:
Left Gold L to R Randal Repetto (Gold in the Junior Section);
Centre: Nathan Swain
(Gold and outright winner in the Junior Section)
Right: Jade Repetto (Bronze in the Senior Section)
'Retirement' of Marlene Swain after 48 years teaching service

Marlene Swain retired from St Mary's School on 24th July and Jane Hill's photo right shows Marlene (right) alongside Head Teacher Anne Green during the end of term assembly when Marlene was presented with card, flowers and gifts.

There was also a special reception held to mark Marlene ( and Yvonne Glass's) retirement on 30th July 2015 - see the
Community News page
- for a report and photos.

Marlene's career....so far

Instead of leaving school on her 15 th birthday on 27th July 1967, Marlene stayed on to help out until January 1968 when she went to St Helena for 18 months training to teach infants. Marlene then started teaching infants in the old school situated in wooden buildings which were part of the Second World War naval station, then moving to the current St Mary’s School when it was opened in June 1975.

Marlene married Allan in 1973 and Larry was born in 1973 and Dawn in 1976. In 1982 the family came to Bristol in England where Allan studied at Brunel College, Marlene worked at St Barnabas Junior School and the children attended Ashley Down School. Marlene now taught older children on her return to St Mary’s School. In 1991 Marlene joined Anne Green for a six-month training placement in Hertfordshire schools.

Following the departure of Education Officer Jim Kerr, Marlene became the first islander to become Head Teacher and Education Officer in January 1992, with Anne Green as Deputy Head.

Marlene returned to St Helena in 1993 to study schools there and in 2000 worked alongside Jim Kerr, now Head of Wilbury Primary School in Norfolk. Marlene continued in charge of St Mary’s School until 2010, when she stepped down as Head Teacher to become a class teacher of 9-11 year olds.

Marlene ‘retired’ from St Mary’s School at the end of term on 24th July 2015 but can’t keep away and is returning each day to teach IGCSE maths to the older children.

St Mary's School Update
Photos from visiting vet Aniket Sardana taken on 28th April

Students outside the school:
Several students were absent for the photo,
including Amber and Jade Repetto who were departing for the UK
and Ryan Swain who was in Cape Town with his family.

Staff outside St Mary's School:
Left to right: Kelly Burns, Anne-Marie Collins
, Dilys Green, Sheila Glass, Poppy Lavarello, Renee Green, Head Teacher Anne green, Julia Hagan, Jane Hill (see below), Ferne Clarke, Yvonne Glass (back from retirement (see below) and David Clarke. Marlene Swain was absent for the photo.

Jane Hill

Primary Teacher Jane Hill arrived on the MV Edinburgh on 2nd April to take up a new post at St Mary's School.She has written the following introduction to herself:

I had never planned to be a teacher. Once I had my geography degree I took the qualification to stay on at University an extra year! But I am very glad I did because I have been a teacher all my working life and have had some wonderful experiences. My first 25 years were spent teaching in primary schools in the UK, I taught a range of year groups in both independent and state schools. I enjoyed teaching all subjects, but I specialised in Geography, Science and Maths.

Once my children became independent I started my overseas career in 1998. My first post was as Yr6 teacher in the Falkland Islands and I was there for 5 years. This was where I first met David and Ferne and we have been friends ever since. Just as I was about to leave I was asked to help out with maths and science in the senior school there, because they were without a teacher. I then took jobs in Chile, Germany and Tenerife, teaching upper junior and lower secondary before returning to the Falklands as a science and maths teacher 2004. At the end of my contract I went back to UK to care for my mother, and then found I was being called back to the Falklands, and Ascension as a supply teacher, on a regular basis. I have also been lucky enough to work on the island of South Georgia as a museum assistant as a result of the friends I had made in the South Atlantic.

When I had the opportunity to come to Tristan da Cunha I was delighted. It will give me an opportunity to share my teaching experiences with the staff and contribute to the education of the children on the Island. It will also give me the chance to experience life on this very special island.

We wish Jane well for her sojourn on Tristan and look forward to hearing about her work and time on the island.

Teacher Yvonne Glass retires after fifty years' service
Report and Photos from David Clarke

Yvonne Glass became a pupil-teacher when she finished her own schooling when she was 15 in 1965.
She finally retired on the last day of term on 2nd April 2015.

She will be a great miss from the school. I am sure that she will be back in to help us out over the coming years though.

We all wish her well and hope she enjoys her retirement though of course on Tristan no one really retires
as there is always work to do at the patches, fish factory and with the animals.

Yvonne at her final St Mary's School assembly on 2nd April,
above with Head Teacher Anne Green left
and pupils who presented her with gifts.

Above Left: The school assembly on 2nd April

Above and left:

Yvonne with her staff colleagues and friends -
Left to Right Anne Green, David Clarke (left photo),
Ferne Clarke (above photo), Sheila Glass, Renee Green,
Yvonne Glass, Dilys Green,
Marlene Swain and Poppy Lavarello

during a party on 1st April

More scenes of the staff end of term retirement party on 1st April:
Left : Staff relaxing enjoying food and drinks;
Right: Marlene swain and Yvonne Glass Marlene is due to retire in July.

HMS Dragon Captain's School Visit
HMS Dragon Captain Rex Cox visited St Mary's School on Friday 30th January when he gave a talk to pupils in the school hall.
Photos from David Clarke

Shirley Squibb's photo right shows
pupils being shown HMS Dragon's helicopter
which was parked on the
American Fence school field

See the HMS Dragon 2015 Visit page
for more about HMS Dragon's Tristan visit