New hardback book tells the extraordinary story of Tristan da Cunha and its 1961 volcanic eruption.

New Book: 'Nothing Can Stop Us' - Tristan's Extraordinary Story

Book: 'Nothing Can Stop Us

Nothing Can Stop Us: Tristan da Cunha's 1961 volcanic eruption and how its people handled their future

by Richard Grundy and Neil Robson

Tristan da Cunha Association, Nov.2021, ISBN 978-1-7399910-0-5

Handsome hardback book with dust jacket. 299 pages (246 x 170mm) with 132 illustrations including maps and photographs mainly in full colour.

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All places are unique, but Tristan da Cunha is extraordinary. An active volcano, the island is a haven for wildlife, including albatross and penguins. Its human history would be regarded as far-fetched if it were presented as fiction. The Tristan islanders are descended from an eclectic international mix of settlers whose arrival, survival, and the modern way of living they enjoy are all remarkable. The equality and communal living embraced by the community make it a special society, as they continue to live in the world's most remote settlement, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas.

This book is published in 2021 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the volcanic eruption on the island which led to the evacuation of the entire population to the UK in October 1961.

Its early parts set the physical scene of the islands before the coming of man and offer a fresh look at Tristan's history up to 1960. At the heart of the book is a detailed chronicle of the 1961-63 events covering the lead-up to that eruption, the island's evacuation, the refugees' time in England, and the episodes which led to the community's successful return. There are many twists and turns in this narrative, and the book continues by cataloguing the continuing challenges faced as the island's economy was re-built, leading up to a significant level of prosperity by the 1980s.

Twenty-first century Tristan da Cunha is explored in a different style, developing themes which include the threats and opportunities faced by the modern community. Finally, a reflective section poses important questions that Tristan is going to have to face in the future.

The title ‘Nothing can stop us’ was a phrase used by Chief Willie Repetto when he was talking to the Danish travel writer Arne Falk-Rønne at Calshot, Hampshire in July 1962, and explaining to him with calm courtesy why the islanders were determined to return to their South Atlantic home. At that time there were many obstacles to overcome and a return was by no means certain, but the authors were touched by its aspirational and resolute tone, and so used it as the book's title.

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