The cruise ship Silver Whisper called at the Tristan group on the 17th February 2022.

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Silver Whisper Visits Tristan and Nightingale, February 2022

Report and photos from Kelly Green

The cruise ship MS Silver Whisper, operated by Silversea, visited the northern group of islands on Thursday 17th February 2022. She was the first cruise ship to have visited Tristan since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The cruise ship Silver Whisper

Having sailed from South Georgia, the Silver Whisper arrived off the east coast of Nightingale at dawn. The passengers were taken on zodiac cruises around the shore during the morning, where they enjoyed close up views of  the spectacular wildlife.

The ship then sailed round to the settlement on Tristan da Cunha island. Unfortunately, continuing COVID-19 precautions meant that passengers were not able to land, but they had good views from the ship's observation decks of Calshot Harbour, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, the 1961 volcano, and the stunning cliffs that tower above them. At about 3:00pm, the Silver Whisper departed the settlement and continued on her way to Cape Town. The passengers will have had impressive views in fine weather of the island as it receded behind them.

The Silver Whisper off Calshot Harbour

The Silver Whisper off Calshot Harbour

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