Picture report on the first overnight stay by visitors in the new Thatched House Museum, who experience the spartan life of the earlier settlers.

First Overnight Stay in the Tristan Thatched House Museum

Report from Pat Reynolds

Her full review will appear in the February 2015 Newsletter.

Cockerel and sign approaching
the Tristan Thatched House Museum
with the 1961 volcanic cone as a backdrop

Pat and Trevor Reynolds outside the Thatched House Museum

They were the first guests to stay here on what was
to prove their last night on the island
before SA Agulhas II departed the following day

Settling down to a hot drink
The main room and, left
part of the self-help provisions.

A delicious lunch was brought at noon
and the main course shown here
was a traditional curry
and ‘teddy (potato) cakes’

Pat concluded her report by writing:

Our day in the Tristan House Museum was one of the highlights of our visit. It gave us a chance to reflect on the history of the island, and the lives of those who lived here before electricity. Our thanks go to everyone who made this possible - from the builders of the house, to the cook, and the tourism staff who made it possible.