The children's village playground was opened in June 2011, and new equipment was installed on 16th June 2014.

Tristan da Cunha's Village Playground

The children's village playground was opened in June 2011. In 2012 the Wendy House was destroyed in a May gale, but later that year a 'play dinghy' was placed in the playground. In 2014 new playground equipment was installed and in use on 16th June.

Playground Equipment Installed

Report and photos from Dawn Repetto on 17th June 2014

The Playground equipment has now been completed and was in use yesterday. This equipment was sent from Andrew James and Ovenstone. This was a very kind gesture and so appreciated by the children. They also sent another Wendy House to replace the one blown away but we are still deciding on the most sheltered place to erect it.

Top 14 photos show the team erecting the new play equipment
Lower 6 photos show the completed playground equipment with children enjoying themselves on 16th June 2014

Agriculture Department and Factory donate equipment for children's playground
after Wendy House destroyed in May 2012 gale

Report and pictures from Dawn Repetto

As reported below the Wendy House in the relatively new children's playground was destroyed by a gale on Friday 18th May. At a Heads of Department Meeting it was decided to put a small dinghy in the place of the Wendy House with oars, old buoys, nets. This was kindly done by the Agriculture Department, old buoys and nets by the Factory and now the Playground is full again. So this initiative shows with imagination how the island has made do with what it already has available. Photographs were taken in July 2012

Playground Damaged by storm in May 2012

On the afternoon of Thursday 17th May it was heard that gale force winds were predicted for Friday evening. Just before midnight on Friday 18th May howling winds and rain awakened the majority of the island. There were gale force winds of 50 knots from the East – East North East. This continued for most of the night until the early hours of the morning, up until midday when the wind changed into the NE – NW at 10-16 knots. Because of all the rain there were lots of waterfalls when normally dry gulches flowed over the mountain cliffs.

Unfortunately the strong winds completely destroyed the playground Wendy House and the debris from it then blew away and resulted in damage to Colin Hagan’s garage, Piers Hagan’s potato shed and Stanley Swain’s house roof. The children are very disappointed as this was one of the highlights of the playground which was built thanks to charitable funding.

Official opening of children’s playground on Tristan da Cunha in June 2011

Report from Dawn Repetto and pictures from Tina Glass

On 22nd June 2011 at 1.30pm, after many years of planning and almost a year since starting, a children’s playground was opened. All children at St Mary’s School, Crèche and a few spectators attended the opening.

The opening began with a short talk about the Playground and a few rules which needed to be abided by to ensure safety and tidiness, the Acting Administrator Lorraine Repetto then gave a short speech welcoming everyone present and thanking all those who had donated equipment, funds and who carried out the work to make this playground possible. This was followed with a blessing and prayer by Carlene Glass Green one of the islands Lay Ministers and then much to the anticipation of the children, the ribbon was then officially cut by Sue Kerr, who does lots of voluntary work with the island children.

The gathering to open the new playground
Dawn wants to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Andrew James and his team at Ovenstone who very kindly donated the Wendy House, table and chairs, to Neil Foster and all his family, Ivey and friends who donated money so that the Jungle Gym could be purchased, to the Enstrom Fund and to all those who donated generally to assist with purchasing the boundary fence and other small items. A special thank you also to Neil Rogers and Charl Moolman from Apple and the Island Men who assisted in the building of the Playground it was appreciated by all especially the children.
Left: Sue Kerr opens the gate to declare the playground open with Dawn and the children looking on
Right: Exploring the new Wendy House
The equipment in use
by the children at last!

Finally Dawn wants again to thank everyone who assisted in any way: donations, labour, ideas - you know who you are - and it was a job well done.
Left: Inside the new Wendy House Lorraine Repetto hands out drinks
Right: Lorraine with teachers Yvonne Glass and Anne Green enjoying a cuppa - cheers!