The Albatross and the Elder Tree Inn twinned on the 2nd December 2016 to celebrate the first sales of 'Island Brew' in a UK pub.

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Twinning the Albatross Bar and the Elder Tree Inn

Reports from Dawn Repetto and Chris Bates

A 'Twinning Night' was held on Friday 2nd December 2016 between the Albatross Bar, Tristan and the Elder Tree Inn, Horsington, Lincolnshire, England. It marked the first sales of 'Island Brew' beer at a UK pub. 'Island Brew' is brewed in the Isle of Man by Bushy's Ale of Man and infused with Rubrum berries from Tristan da Cunha.

At the Albatross Bar

The event in the Albatross Bar, which is housed in Prince Philip Hall, was a very enjoyable evening and was well attended.

Although we were unable to sample 'Island Brew' at the Albatross Bar, Robin Repetto brought along some home brew beer for everyone to sample, made with equipment supplied by Bushy's. While Robin was in the Isle of Man he had the opportunity to visit some homebrewers and under advice from Martin Brunswisler (Bushy's Manager) has started brewing different beers on a very small scale. We had the opportunity to sample lager, stout and a hooch which was enjoyed by all.

Tourism Officer Dawn Repetto and her husband Robin prepare pour the first of the island's own-brewed beers. Tristan islanders raise a toast to what is now their twin pub in Horsington and its customers.
Tristan islanders raise their glasses to their twin pub in Horsington.

Big thanks to Richard Brown, manager of the Elder Tree Inn, Chris Bates, Tristan's former UK Representative, and of course Bushys Brewery for pulling together this lovely evening and brewing a very fine beer 'Island Brew'.

At the Elder Tree, Horsington

Tristan da Cunha's Chief Islander, Ian Lavarello, visited Horsington recently to stay with former Tristan Government UK Representative, Chris Bates, so Elder Tree Landlord Richard Brown flew the Tristan flag in his honour and it was agreed to stock 'Island Brew' for a Tristan night, with traditional Tristan stuffed lamb on the menu. The two pubs - in Horsington and on Tristan da Cunha - then decided to twin with a Tristan celebration night

Tristan-born Ian Brown (no relation to the landlord) and his wife Mandy travelled from their home in Buckinghamshire to sample the 'Island Ale' and the traditional Tristan dish of stuffed lamb which had been prepared and brought with them another Tristan delicacy, milk tart - all greatly enjoyed by the patrons of the Elder Tree Inn. Ian told people in the Elder Tree that he remembered picking the Rubrum berries on Tristan's mountainside as a boy, before moving to live in England. He thought the beer and the lamb were delicious and the pub's customers said the same of Tristan milk tart! Meanwhile on Tristan, toast were drunk to people of Horsington and the two hostelries are now twins!

Above: In the Elder Tree, Landlord Richard Brown with Tristan flag and leaflets, serves Horsington resident John Butters (left), visitor Mandy Brown (to his right), Tristan-born Ian Brown (visiting from Buckinghamshire) and Horsington resident, Kathryn Butters (right).

Below: Tristan delicacy milk tart ready for Horsington appetites, with island flag.

Horsington resident Julie Bates (left) ready to tuck into traditional Tristan delicacy, stuffed lamb, with visiting Tristan-born Ian Brown and his wife Mandy - all enjoying a pint of 'Island Brew'

Some samples of 'Island Brew' were sent to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, after which Prince Philip Hall is named, as he is known to take a keen interest in Tristan.

Further supplies of 'Island Brew' to Horsington may have to wait until more Rubrum berries are delivered to Bushy's, but in the meantime, Richard Brown says the Tristan recipes proved so popular that he hopes to serve them again.